15 Nov

I am soooore today. Why? you ask. Because yesterday afternoon I did my first full Insanity workout in a looong time. I started it back up with the fit test on Tuesday but yesterday was a full 42 minute plyometric cardio circuit. Ohhhh my shoulders…and triceps…and abs…and thighs…haha need I go on? It was fantastic doing it though and I burned 267 calories and did 1.35 miles! I definitely had a hard time and had to stop lots but it wasn’t as hard as it was the FIRST first time I did it, so again, that’s something. 🙂 I also, of course, did my morning gazelle. Last night we had dinner at Mom and Dad’s and it was a delicious meal that I did not take a picture of but greatly enjoyed. 🙂

Now I’m going to finish last Thursday with Kori…

After our day of epicness we joined up with Zach and went to dinner downtown. During Kori’s visit I was certain that I wanted to get her to Barn Brasserie since it’s about the only cool, new thing Muncie has accumulated since her move. 🙂 Her, Zach and I started a ferocious game of dots on the tablecloth:


We all got some craft beers and apparently they bring out bread now! I had one small slice. For dinner Kori ordered a chicken “burger” that had all kinds of delicious things on it and I can’t remember at all!! I think there was some type of aioli though and a yummy cheese as well as several other things! She also had fries with the barn sauce.


Zach got the special of the day which was a double duck patty “burger” on a biscuit with an egg and an amazing sauce and I think jalapeños? He also got fries with the hippie ranch. I ordered a pasta special that had sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and mushrooms and some other stuff that I also don’t remember (this is the problem with blogging food a week later!) with a side of brussels cooked with bacon.


All three of us shared each dish and everything was so good! I was sooo pleased because Barn Brasserie has been a bit hit and miss so far and I was really hoping we would have a good experience with Kori. She loved every single thing and I was so glad. 🙂 I loved it all too! Kori’s sandwich was maybe my favorite but Zach’s was incredible too and my pasta was very good. I boxed up over half the pasta and brussels because I was getting full and Kori and I had one thing left to eat that evening but I enjoyed them a lot for lunch the next day. 🙂

IMG_7176 IMG_7178 IMG_7180

After dinner Ko and I went and got in the hot tub with my mom and enjoyed a glass of wine before returning home to build a “fort”.


We shared a stouffers mac ‘n’ cheese (yes, after our dinner, haha) which is ALWAYS our thing. No kidding, we’ve even brought stouffers from out of state for meet ups before when we didn’t know if we’d be able to get any. 🙂 We started another scary movie and ended our Thursday night date….


1,122 miles.


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