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19 Sep

I don’t think I slept really at all that first night but I’m pretty sure I didn’t care. 🙂 I spent most of the night feeding my baby, holding my baby and looking at my baby in her little bassinet. Pretty much all day she was a sleepy girl.


At some point I got my catheter out and then later my IV. That was exciting stuff haha! I got to take my first shower and while it was slightly challenging, it was so refreshing. People popped in and out, Zach’s parents and grandparents, my Mom and Dad, Grandma and Larry, Hillary and Haley and every single person from my Bible study! It was a busy day.

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That evening, once the people had gone, Zach and I got to have our free “celebration dinner”. All of my meals were included but Zach had to pay for his if he got them with the exception of this one. We ordered a feast of food and I ate about half of mine and had to save the dessert for later. My appetite was still working on coming back to normal and I was still getting full sooo quickly.


Another mostly sleepless night followed. It’s just especially hard to sleep in a hospital bed with all the beeping and lights and nurses checking your vitals and the baby’s vitals and whatnot every couple of hours. I was still at the point where running on no sleep wasn’t a problem yet because there was so much adrenaline and love for this sweet angel resting next to me. The sleep deprivation wouldn’t really set in until we were home…


On Thursday it was more of the same with visitors and I got up and around better than the day before. It was so much better being in my own nightgown and getting to sit in a rocking chair or something instead of just laying in bed. They brought me this wonderful, tight shirt that you snug the baby into and have skin-to-skin time with her like that.


We both loved it!! When Grandma stopped in again we made sure to get a 4-generation picture of us girls.


We’ll be doing those for years to come :). Leah came and visited on this evening while Hillary was still there so we got a picture as well!


The baby passed her hearing test that she had failed the day before (which they say is common) and was still doing great at passing all of her other stuff too- pulse ox test, jaundice, etc. We had a period of alert time that evening that was fun, one of the first times we really got to see much of her eyes!


Sweet baby. 🙂 Another night, maybe a little more sleep? I honestly don’t remember really. The first day of the hospital is ingrained in my mind but then the rest of our time there is such a blur! All I know is that the next morning she was precious as ever and it was going-home day!!


We cleaned up our “hotel room” and packed, filled out paperwork and had final tests done and then it was time to put her in her going home outfit. Which, despite being newborn, was really quite big on her!


We were so excited and nervous at the same time about taking her home.

IMG_2774 IMG_2779

She looked so tiny and helpless in her car seat.


I was wheeled out of the hospital and then Zach and I piled into the car with our precious cargo. I sat in the back by her because I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂 She looked so sweet.


Zach drove probably the slowest he ever had on the drive home and he sat in the back by her in the Walgreens parking lot while I went in to fill my pain prescription. We made it home without incident and thus officially began our lives with a newborn!