Things You Should Know

I’m Jordan. I greatly love my God and my best friend Jesus.

I am 26 years old until October 2, at which time I will turn 27.

I’m currently pregnant with our first child due in September of 2015 and this year is going to be more of a journey than any I have experienced thus far. Zach and I couldn’t be more thrilled or ready to be parents.

I really enjoy writing and it has manifested itself in this blog.
I think about food, like a lot. Cooking it, styling it, comparing it, EATING it. 🙂
Because I think about food so much it results in consuming it, which leads to a waistline I am constantly trying to whittle.

This blog is about me and food and a good bit about my husband, friends, family, and *ahem* cats occasionally…

It’s about my journey in life. Trying to drop some weight, and keep it off, all in a HEALTHFUL way.

I don’t diet- this is a lifestyle. I will blog about my meals, my workouts and my life in general and if this reaches the point where it can be an inspiration or encouragement to even one person, I will feel gratified.

So, here’s to being honest (sometimes painfully so) and discovering myself along the way!


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