14 Nov

I have to say, I am NOT liking this new thing where they leave the spin class door locked until class!! I arrived at 5:30 ready to hop on a bike and wasn’t able to until 6! This resulted in only getting 45 minutes of spin time when I could have had 75! Argh. Well I made the most of my time and biked 16.7 miles and burned  calories. Gazelle time was also completed in the morning.

When I got home from spin class there was a surprise waiting!


Zach built us a fort and fixed us dinner. 🙂 So adorable. For dinner he made mixed veggies seasoned with Shoups and a Tuscan pearl couscous dish.

IMG_7277 IMG_7280

The couscous was awesomely good! I wolfed it down (a little too fast) and had to stop myself from refilling my bowl immediately.


I knew if I gave it a few minutes fullness would register and indeed it did. While we ate in our fort we watched a movie Zach had picked up- “The Purge”! We had been wanting to watch this movie since June when it came into theaters and I was glad to finally see it. It was pretty good but honestly it wasn’t quite as great as we had hoped. We were entertained and enjoyed it, it was just missing…something. Still a very fun evening though. 🙂

1,119.5 miles


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