16 Nov

I went on a fun date with Zach last night to a cool restaurant where we ate delicious, beautiful food and had wonderful wine. And I didn’t take one. single. picture. I told myself I was “taking the night off” from photography and I did. While one part of me enjoyed not whipping out my camera in a restaurant, blinding the neighboring tables with flashes and generally looking like the food paparazzi….it’s just not me. I already wish I had pictures. Haha lesson learned I suppose!

Yesterday morning I did 43 minutes on the gazelle, had a nice, low-key daycare day and went to the gym after work for a quick 25 minutes on the treadmill (2.25 miles, 180 calories). Then Zach and I headed out for a date in Indy to Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. We’ve been there several times but this time was especially exciting because I had a rather large gift card! For my birthday my uncle sent this to me in the mail and Zach and I had been waiting for the right time to use it. We went all out. 🙂 We each got a wine flight and mine was a sparkling flight which was phenomenal. We started with a “drunken shrimp” appetizer that had 5 bacon wrapped shrimp in some type of a tequila sauce over fresh guacamole. I had 2 and Zach had 3 and they were delicious!

So weird. I feel like I need to insert a picture up there ^. For dinner Zach had some type of skirt steak with fries and incredibly good roasted vegetables. I had a seafood cannelloni that had shrimp, chorizo, scallops, some veggies and other stuff over a cheese filled pasta shell. Again, delicious! We used up our gift card and had a very fun time. 🙂 We probably had even more fun on the way home singing Disney songs acapella…

This morning I went to the gym and did 48 minutes on the treadmill running sprints (3.78 miles, 339 calories). For not having ran sprints or ran all that fast in awhile I felt great! Very accomplished by the time I was done. 🙂 Now I have a full day ahead of menu planning, a trip to Whole Foods (!!!!!), getting new running shoes (!!) and perhaps starting Christmas shopping. It’s going to be a good, productive Saturday. Enjoy yours. 🙂

1,129.5 miles.


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