15 Sep


At some point I will return to posting meals and food journals and workouts and the like but right now I am going to treat this mostly as a photo journal with captions because SO much craziness has gone on in our lives in the past week. Has it only been a week? Has it already been a week?! Time is weird right now for sure. 🙂 But our little Izzy is one week old today and that’s the perfect time for her birth story. So without further ado…

Last Tuesday, as you may remember, I had a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. The ultrasound was to see if she was still breech and if my amniotic fluid had dropped any lower. I had thought that with me drinking even more water and cutting out all physical activity that surely it wouldn’t We went in and she was most definitely still tightly breech and when we saw our OB she informed us the fluid (which was a 7 the week before, the lowest they like it to get) was a 3.5. !!! That’s practically nothing at all! She told me my placenta was basically unusable at this point and they’d be doing surgery that evening. Zach and I had come prepared in the sense that we brought our things but were completely unprepared in the sense that we just didn’t expect this!!! I was a little nervous for the surgery but was more nervous for my baby to come out fine and healthy. She was 37 weeks and 6 days at this point which made her 2 weeks early and I was praying she’d had enough time to develop.

We checked into the hospital and after a brief wait in the waiting area of the New Generations birth place, watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Family Feud, we were checked into a room. The rooms at Community are very nice and seeing as how I was closed for 2 weeks now Zach and I kept joking we were “on vacation”. I said it would be the most expensive hotel room we’d ever stayed in. 😉


We waited and prayed in our room, I forced Zach to go get some lunch in the cafeteria, then Mom and Dad showed up for support and to keep us company. I had my IV in and all went well until my nurse administered two anti-nausea meds via the IV. I had already been tired from bad sleep the night before but adrenaline was covering it. At this point though I started to get insanely drowsy and felt really out of it and all around weird. It was a strange 40 minutes of feeling like this. I watched my family and Zach have conversations around me but barely responded or even comprehended it all. I suddenly wasn’t even that excited about having the baby, I felt very detached and remember worrying that I would be so out of it in surgery I wouldn’t care at all. Thankfully after the nurse came back and gave me my third anti-nausea medicine, an oral liquid that tasted like sour purple sweet tarts, it seemed to bring me back into the present. Good thing because minutes later we were suiting up in surgery gear and walking down to the OR.

IMG_2654 IMG_2656

Zach had to wait outside the room until the doctor was making the first cut and so he took nervous selfies the whole time. 🙂 When the wait extended longer than he expected he wondered what was going on!


What was going on was that I got in there and they prepped me to get a spinal block and then we had to wait to do it because my doctor wasn’t on her way yet. I sat on the edge of the table shaking continually from both nerves and the frigid OR and made small talk with all the staff. When my doctor was on her way they did the spinal block. I had to hunch forward and they gave me a shot in my back that stung a little with fluid that went into my spine from a tube that burned a little before I started losing feeling. They got me all laid back and started prepping for surgery and my legs were slowly going numb but not completely. I told them, “I can still move my toes, is that okay?” and proceeded to move both my feet around to prove this. They did NOT think this was okay so we waited longer to see if the paralysis would proceed. It didn’t really so they sat me back up and gave me spinal block number two and we waited some more. It took a few minutes and I was nervous because if this one didn’t work they were going to knock me out and I’d miss the birth of my baby. Luckily it worked!

Zach got to come in and sit by my head and hold my hand. He talked to me about nonsense things just trying to distract us both from what was happening on the other side of the sheet. I never felt pain but man was there some intense pressure! Especially when they were pulling that baby out of my uterus. I will spare you the c-section pictures but a guy in the OR had our camera and took a lot for us to have. They are pretty intense! Once she came out we heard a squalling cry right away and it was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard in my life. They immediately took her over to a table to clean her off and Zach went over to cut her cord down.


Then they brought her by the table and put her up by my head and I got to meet my angel for the first time.


Then she was whisked away by our nurse and Zach and I stayed in the OR to get stitched up. My doctor told me that my muscles went back together unusually well so hopefully that’s a good thing! While I was finishing up, Zach was back in the room having skin-to-skin time with his daughter. What a precious time that was for them. He told me later he just held her and cried and fell in love with her. Be still my heart.


When I got back to the room I finally got to hold my girl in my arms. My doula was there by this point taking pictures for us (which we’ll get later) and helping me to breastfeed. This girl came out wanting to latch and she did an amazing job at eating right away and well too!


My heart was so full.


That night she got to meet Nana Jan and Pops (my parents) and Mimi and Papaw Ron (Zach’s parents) and Hillary and Haley stopped by too. Maybe other people? I don’t even remember it was such a blur! Eventually people were gone and we had the baby to ourselves. I still couldn’t eat but I finally got to drink water which was heavenly. We spent the night not really sleeping at all. Lots of feeding the baby, me getting checked on by nurses, Izzy getting checked on by nurses, it went on and on but somehow we didn’t mind one bit. 🙂

They do delayed bathing at Community for 8 hours so around 1 in the morning, we were all awake and Izzy had her first bath. NOT a fan.


But it did make her even cuter getting all that vernix off her and out of her hair and she’d pinked up quite a bit from the paler state she was in earlier. I basically stared at her when I wasn’t feeding her through the sides of the plexiglass bassinet she was in in between my hospital bed and Zach’s pull out couch. I was bedridden for the first 24 hours, catheter and all, so any time she cried or needed changed or anything Zach was the one to get her and handle it. I have to say if there is a “perk” to having a c-section, it’s the daddy-baby bonding. All the things that my “mom instinct” would take over and have me doing, I couldn’t do and it was such a great way for him to really jump in feet first to this dad thing and man did he handle it like a champ. I call him a baby hog because that baby is in his arms any second he can get her. 🙂

By the time morning rolled around we were tired but happy and thrilled we’d made it through our first night!