7 Sep

This whole weekend there has been a glaring overtone of “the baby is coming!!”. Even if she doesn’t show up tomorrow (which we all know is a possibility!) she’ll be making an appearance very soon so it’s crunch time people.

Got up Saturday morning and Vicki and I finally made our way to the amish store, Fountain Acres, where we’ve only been saying we wanted to go since like May! I was sooo pleased to finally be able to stock back up on rolled oats, several jams, my favorite pancake mix, delicious cheese and so much more. We had a good time, tasted lots of samples (a really nice thing about the store) and made the trip efficient because I had to get back home for activity two.

I barely had time to drop off the groceries before Zach and I were out the door and on our way to Indy. We’d been told by some friends who do cloth diapering about a cloth diaper class at a store called Toasty Baby. When I’d randomly checked on Thursday and saw that there was a class on Saturday AND it was free so I signed us up! We were the only 2 people for the class, probably due to it being Labor Day weekend, which was so nice.

This class was beyond better than we could have imagined! It’s a couple who owns the store and the dad actually teaches the class since he was a stay-at-home dad for several years. He went sooo into depth about all the brands and styles of cloth diapers and we went in fairly sure of the style we thought we liked best and came out of it with completely different ideas! He also was extremely detailed about the washing and drying process and diaper spraying and all that jazz and while we already knew some stuff we came out of the session feeling SO much more prepared. We were able to buy just one of the type of diapers we think we want to use so that we can see if we like that (alongside a few other types we have) the best and we have high hopes for it! A comprehensive post on cloth diapering will come when we’ve got some experience under our belt. It was also nice to find a good, local store to supply us with our cloth diapering needs – detergent, cloth-diaper specific diaper creams, the actual diapers and liners and such themselves…love this place!

When we finished it was mid-afternoon. We hadn’t eaten lunch but we had plans for a very early dinner. I wasn’t starving due to sample-tasting but Zach was hungry so we stopped into Yats where he got a plate of jambalaya and I had a few bites as well. Yats (cajun food) is such a solid and cheap place to grab a bite!

We had some time to kill and weren’t really sure what to do. We ended up finding ourselves in the strangest antique mall we’d ever seen with just really bizarre stuff. That entertained us for awhile. 🙂 Then we parked on Mass Ave and wandered in and out of novelty shops until we deemed it acceptable to go to dinner. Indy is doing Devour Downtown this week which is when you can try places out, get several courses and for a better price than normal. Zach and I had looked over menus a few days before and chose Shoefly Public House. We started out with a limeade to share for something fun to drink.


For our first course we got to choose an appetizer and we picked Pretzel Nuggets with Beer Cheese:


It was huge! I had 3 or 4 pretzel nuggets and had to stop Zach from eating the basket, reminding him we still had two more courses coming haha. It was a solid dish, not amazing, but still tasty. For dinner Zach chose the Coho salmon with pineapple fried rice and purse lane:


I didn’t even know what purse lane was before this but it turns out it’s a rather tasty green! My favorite part of his dinner though was definitely the pineapple fried rice, really good! My meal was corn on the cob, coleslaw and dry rubbed ribs:


There was a time when I didn’t care for ribs but over the last few years I have really grown to appreciate them and these were pretty good! I ate half of them and all my sweet corn but sadly the coleslaw just wasn’t good. Maybe it’s the kind some people prefer but it didn’t taste like coleslaw that I like at all! We had boxed up a good portion of our app, then boxed up some of our dinners and now it was time for the best part, dessert!


We chose the chocolate tres leches cake with toffee crumbles and it was HUGE! And heavenly. That drink in the background was all Zach. It was an egg cream and I’ve always been curious as to what “egg cream” is. Turns out it’s a carbonated chocolate milk like drink and this came with a pretzel rod. Chocolate milk isn’t my thing but Zach drank it all! Nothing beat our dessert though, yummmm. We also boxed up almost half of this, it was just a lot of food!

Back home in Muncie we started the movie Metropolis. It’s an IMDB top 250 and it’s a 1927 silent film that is realllly long. We watched the first 20 minutes before switching to House, haha! Not sure how long that one will take us to get through… We “shared” the rest of our chocolate cake which means I had one bite and Zach ate the rest. 🙂 It was a nice evening together and we got to bed with plenty of time for sleeping considering how late it had been the night before!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal
  • Lunch – samples, bites of jambalaya
  • Supper – a few pretzel nuggets, corn, 1/2 ribs, 1/2 pc. chocolate cake

Sunday morning brings church and kid’s grocery shopping like usual but then the rest of the day felt more like Saturday! Which it kind of was since Monday was a holiday… After eating some leftovers for lunch I went to the pool for a solid hour and half. It was HOT out and I floated and visited with my mother-in-law while soaking up the sun. So far September has been very warm!

I didn’t stay too long at the pool though because I had plans with Mom. Zach was gone for the evening at a fantasy football draft and Dad was gone playing music so we had a girl’s night – our last one before baby! We kicked things off by going to WalMart to get ingredients for a fun mocktail that Mom had found for us to make later. Then we oohed and ah-ed over baby clothes at Once Upon a Child and even picked up a few adorable items.

Mom let me pick dinner and I wasn’t starving so it was hard to think of just what I wanted but when I got shrimp alfredo from Red Lobster in my head that ended up making our decision. I ate a salad first, skipped the biscuits because I knew I’d get too full, and then got a half portion of the shrimp linguine alfredo. I ate slightly more than half and boxed up the rest (our refrigerator is now packed with leftovers!) and we headed back to Mom’s and watched a little TV.

Next I humored Mom by doing something she has wanted me to do ever since she found out I was pregnant, try on one of her maternity dresses. The dress below is one Dad bought for her when she was pregnant and she thought it was so sweet and adorable and wore it to a friend’s wedding when she was a little over 8 months along. Now, almost 27 years later, we got quite a kick out of the style. 🙂

IMG_2596 IMG_2597

I felt like a cross between a clown and a school marm haha! After that little fashion show we made our drinks called “Kokomo Chillers”. The ingredients were pineapple juice, peach juice, sprite, cream of coconut and blackberries.


This was SUCH a fun drink and great that it included so many flavors. Usually me drinking non-alcoholic just means sparkling grape juice. We agreed that it would be a wonderful drink with either rum or champagne in it. I’ll have to try it that way here soon. 😉

We sat out on the patio and played Bananagrams and enjoyed our Kokomo Chillers.

IMG_2600 IMG_2601

I won but just barely! Then we retired to the fire by the new, awesome fire pit that Mom and Dad got to replace the one ruined by tree-pocalypse.

IMG_2602 IMG_2604

A wonderful mother/daughter evening. 🙂 The remainder of the night was spent with Zach watching Netflix and then just laying in bed talking for hours about the baby and our lives and everything that is about to change. I love that man so much, wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – watermelon, doughnut
  • Lunch – salad, turkey meatloaf
  • Supper – salad, 1/2 a half order of shrimp alfredo, 2 cocktails

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