5 Sep

Thursday morning I resurrected a breakfast that I hadn’t even thought about in some time –


Greek yogurt + honey + cinnamon + banana + almond extract. All it was missing was granola but I sprinkled on raw oats to make up for it. I used to make this fairly often and it was good to bring it back around again! Plowed through the workday and also got allll the last of Isabelle’s new clothes washed/dried/sorted and now they just need hung up and put away. This little girl has got a whole lot of clothes let me tell you! 🙂

After work I made Olympic Seoul Chicken from The Treasury of Creative Cooking. The recipe wanted me to use chicken thighs but I used chicken tenderloins instead as they have much less fat to have to trim and deal with. I cooked the chicken in a little peanut oil, Zach chopped up like 10 cloves of garlic and I made a sauce from the following ingredients-

  • vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • honey
  • ground ginger

Once the chicken was brown I threw in the chopped garlic + red pepper flakes and let it cook together briefly before adding the sauce and covering the whole thing to thicken and reduce.

This dish reallllly needed some rice but unfortunately that didn’t work out. I only had a little brown rice left in my jar so I got the bag out of the pantry to fill the jar up and there were little bugs in it!! Disgusting. So unfortunately rice was out of the question.


We ate the chicken with leftover watermelon-cucumber salad and the flavors of the chicken were wonderful, it just needed that rice to soak up the sauce!



Still a good meal though. 🙂


We ran some baby errands (what else?) after dinner and then finished Insurgent to rush it back to Redbox in time. Those movies are just nowhere near as good as The Hunger Games series unfortunately. We shared a cookie dough sundae and watched a little House before calling it a night.

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – greek yogurt w/banana
  • Lunch – meatloaf, plum
  • Supper – watermelon-cucumber salad, chicken, 1/2 ice cream sundae

I was more than ready for Friday this week, especially knowing it came with a 3-day-weekend tacked on!! Had a normal workday and made an extra-tasty salad for lunch by adding the only piece of leftover chicken from the night before. Didn’t even need to use dressing as the sauce made a great one!

At the end of work I started getting everything ready for the recipe of the night – Blush Mac and Cheese from Cooking Light. This wasn’t hard, just involved doing several things at once.

  • In one jelly-roll pan I was broiling grape tomatoes


  • In a pot I was boiling whole wheat elbow macaroni
  • In a large saucepan I was sauteeing garlic and onion (since I didn’t have the shallots it called for) in some oil
    • To this mixture I added tomato paste after the above ingredients were tender and cooked for 2 minutes
    • Then I added flour and cooked another minute, stirring constantly
    • Next stirred in almond milk, sea salt, dried thyme (because I didn’t buy fresh) and freshly ground black pepper


  • When the saucepan ingredients were thick and bubbly I removed them from the heat and stirred in spinach leaves until wilted then added shredded white cheddar until melted
  • Toss the sauce + pasta + broiled tomatoes together and serve!


In some ways this reminded me of the penne rosa that’s on the menu at Noodles & Co. and it was very, very good!


Fresh pepper really goes a long way towards adding flavor to something and this dish was packed with flavor! Plus macaroni is pretty much always the way to my heart. 🙂 We ate and watched The Office then I squeezed in a shower before Hillary came over to hang out with us and help us get more things done in the nursery. It’s coming together more and more…I think it will be ready to do a post on in a few more days!

At 9pm, usually when I’m getting ready to go to bed!, Zach, Hillary and I went to our friend Andre’s house for a birthday party. I took a milkshake as my beverage. 🙂 I was pretty tired by, oh, about 9:45 but Zach and I had made a compromise that we would stay until midnight. At least I had a big comfy chair to sit in!


We enjoyed hanging out with friends and left at 12 on the dot to come home and sleep before our busy schedule of the next day!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – waffle w/PB, watermelon 
  • Lunch – grapes, salad w/chicken
  • Supper – pasta, sm. milkshake

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