1 Sep

Well I definitely need to get a baby post up as we were given a LOT of information at yesterday’s doctor appointment. I am still trying to process it all! We went in and had an ultrasound to determine baby’s position. As the doctor suspected and I was afraid of, she was most certainly breech. Frank breech is what her type is called with her bottom laying low, and her head/hands/feet all up in my ribcage area. Glad to finally know what has been going on making my right ribs so sore- it’s little hands and feet!

She looked really good on the monitor as far as heartbeat and development and was a surprising 6 lbs. 6 ozs! I have been assuming she is pretty small but she is right in the 57th percentile which means she is perfectly average, it’s just me that is small!! Brings new meaning to the term “all baby”… Our technician also confirmed that she is 100% a girl (haha thank goodness) and that she even has hair already and we saw a cute little shot of a nose and mouth. Mostly it was very hard to tell what anything was though to Zach and I because she’s so compact in there.

After the ultrasound we had a short wait and then met with our doctor to talk about the findings. She told us that it all looked good except that I was on the lower end of amniotic fluid. It can be anywhere from a 7 to a 20 at this point and I was at a 7. I’ll say that’s the low end! So all the sudden we found ourselves being scheduled for another ultrasound next week and she warned us that if it got any lower she would do the c-section that day. What?! Craziness! She didn’t put me on bed rest but she told me to drink even more water than I already do and to stop working out. Told me to get off work and put my feet up and watch Netflix. Okay, that may sound like some people’s idea of a great time but for me it’s a tough order!! No more gazelle in the morning, no more walks after work…and we were going to go hiking over Labor Day weekend haha.

As long as the fluid stays the same or goes up the baby will be delivered via c-section at 39 weeks since they don’t want me to run the risk of going into labor. This means she would be here 2 weeks from tomorrow regardless which has Zach and I scrambling to complete that to-do list!! We’ll see how everything plays out over the next couple of weeks…



  1. Sarah September 1, 2015 at 3:35 pm #

    That is craziness! I’m sorry your birth plan has changed, but that’s so exciting that you get to meet your baby a little sooner! I can’t wait to see her!

    • Jordan September 2, 2015 at 8:13 am #

      Yeah it has definitely thrown things onto a whole new track but I feel like I am surprisingly calm about it and so excited that she’s coming soon!!

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