29 Aug

Thursday night getting our maternity pictures was worth every bit of rescheduling due to weather and mango mouth and all of it!! I’m getting ahead of myself though…

Woke up Thursday morning as well rested as I get at this point and was so excited that it was finally picture day. The forecast looked perfect with 0% chance of rain and partly cloudy and I prayed that would hold true! Did the gazelle and Zach got us cinnamon chip pancakes with cinnamon apples for breakfast. We were only supposed to get 2 but they made us 4 so I had leftovers for the next day!

I’d been wanting egg salad for awhile and decided with how empty our refrigerator is that it would be a good day to make some. I was at the end of my light mayo and of my mustard but luckily I had enough to get by. I just hard-boiled two eggs and mashed them up with the above two things + salt.


Easy AND delicious over one piece of whole wheat bread with lots and lots of greens. Makes me want another one…

I didn’t work long after nap before Vicki showed up so I could go to a hair appointment. I don’t get my hair done often but when I do, it’s always for something special! I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to styling my hair so I went to the JC Penny salon where they gave me exactly what I was looking for – a loose, curly updo that I could wear with my first outfit then take down to have beachy waves for my second! Again, something I would never in a million years accomplish on my own, haha.

Back at home Zach and I ate leftover pasta from the other night and got all gussied up for our photos.


The evening was beautiful at this point with mostly sun and blue skies and a few puffy clouds floating around. We met our photographer out at the reservoir and she’d found the perfect location for us. Up until this point we’d only communicated via text and e-mail but we loved her right away! So much energy and enthusiasm and honestly she made us feel like rockstars. 🙂 Based on the ideas I’d given her and my Pinterest board, she had everything planned out already and it was so great to just be told what to do by an expert.

Our first outfit/set of pictures were all foresty/fields/patches of sunlight and then after our outfit change we did beach/water/sunset shots and I could not have asked for a more beautiful evening and sunset! God blessed us so! The water was lovely (and thankfully not too cold since we actually got in it) and there was even a sailboat going by at one point. She has posted one preview picture for us but I get the full USB with rights in a week and I am dying to seem them all as I’m head over heels for the one picture I’ve seen so far!!

We laughed and loved our way through the shoot and had just the best time. Zach and I celebrated with ice cream after. 🙂 We watched a little House and went to bed but it took me a little while to wind down from our exciting evening. What precious pictures of the 3 of us that we’ll cherish forever!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – pancake w/apples
  • Lunch – grapes, open-faced egg salad “sandwich”
  • Supper – leftover pasta, small ice cream

When I woke up Friday I did the gazelle and then saw that our photographer had posted a preview photo (as mentioned above) and I promptly went nuts over it. I also happily ate one of the two unexpected, extra pancakes. What a good morning. 😉

The school day went by pretty quickly, helped along by my fixing whole wheat penne with marinara sauce and red pepper flakes. I initially was going to walk after work but ended up having too much to do to get the house ready! Zach was hosting his annual fantasy football draft for which I play the role of auctioneer. It also means the house gets rearranged to accommodate all the people and needs cleaned up. We worked together to clean and then I ran to pick up the pizzas Zach had ordered while he waited for people to show up.

Hillary (like last year) came and helped me auctioneer. She really was a big help because then I got to call out all the “going once…going twice…” stuff for the bids and she is the one who had to get up and down repeatedly to put the bids on the board. 🙂 The night was fun, we hadn’t had people over in forever, but by 10:30 I was really flagging and when everyone was finally gone close to midnight I was beyond ready to pass out. Just don’t have the same staying-up-late stamina these days… 😉

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – pancake w/apples
  • Lunch – apple w/PB, ww pasta
  • Supper – 2 pcs. pizza, chips & dip

468.5 miles.

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