28 Aug

Well we are getting down to the wire! Less than 4 weeks until my due date (though not necessarily until she actually shows up haha) and I am feeling the need to really get those last things checked off our list. Of course I keep adding things as well but I’m sure that never ends… New items in bold per usual.

  • Hire a doula (Got that one taken care of pretty quickly, can’t wait for our next meeting!)
  • Hire maternity photographer (Also got that one done right out of the gate)
  • Hire newborn photographer (In talks with one right now!) (Done and at an incredibly good price!!)
  • Figure out who will take birth photos (My doula does this, double check!)
  • Finish researching products to register for/finish registry list
  • Register (This was a big job but it’s done! We registered at Target and a lot of our stuff seems to be online so I’m hoping if I have people include our registry web address on shower invites that people will find it convenient to order offline!)
  • Sign up for all childbirth classes
  • Take child birthing 101 class
  • Take breastfeeding class (next week!)
  • Take care of newborn class (next week!)
  • Zach attends daddy bootcamp class (next week!)
  • Find a pediatrician (I really need to start research on this one like TODAY!) (We’ve chosen and will call the pediatrician’s office when Izzy is born to become official patients)
  • Clean out guest room to make into nursery
  • Turn office into guest room
  • Make nursery
    • tear up carpet
    • lay new flooring
    • paint walls
    • paint trim
    • take down closet doors
    • paint closet
    • put up closet curtains (we registered for these so waiting to see if we get them!)
    • put up blinds
    • create wood wall
      • get pallets (we ended up using fence planks)
      • paint wood (only one row left!)
      • put up on wall (only one row left!)
    • light fixture
    • build dresser
    • build crib
    • get and build closet organizer
    • paint door
    • build glider and footstool
    • wash baby clothes (doing this as I receive them)
    • put away clothes (same as above)
    • put away other items she receives (ongoing process…)
    • get nightstand
    • make pallet wall decoration
    • build nightstand
  • Pack hospital bag for me (in progress!)
  • Pack hospital bag for Izzy (in progress!)
  • Exercise (this one is on-going through the whole pregnancy but it’s a real task so it deserves to be on the
  • Create birth plan (There are two things I need to revise on it but otherwise this is done– post on this to
    come soon!) (Keep forgetting to do a post on this!)
  • Have maternity shoot (just 3 more days!!!) (This was AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to get our pictures back!)
  • Buy big nursery furniture (Family had already bought our crib and glider and we ordered our dresser with changing top which arrived quickly)
  • GO ON BABYMOON (It’s looking like June 19-21 right now.) (This is coming up in two days!!)
  • Read books (ongoing process- I’ve read “What to Expect”, “The Pregnancy Bible”, “Exercising Through Your Pregnancy” and Ina May’s “Guide to Childbirth” (LOVED it). Skimmed through “Hypnobirthing” from my doula. Now reading “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” and “Babyproofing Your Marriage” which is really funny!)
  • Buy nursing bras (bought one)
  • Buy nursing tanks (bought a few, thinking I have other things of my own to use too!)
  • Doula meeting #1
  • Doula meeting #2
  • Doula meeting #3
  • Doula meeting #4 (no more doula meetings!)
  • Buy more baby clothes (because this is one of the most fun parts!!)
  • Have baby showers (had one mini shower, more coming up in August! Now have the dates set for all 4, yes 4…, showers that are within a 2 week span of each other! I’ve had two, have two more to go, both this weekend!!)
  • Install car seat (setting up an appointment with an expert to help us get it just right)
  • Get cloth diapers (going to get a sampling and then wait until she is bigger to see what works best for us before we buy in bulk!)
  • Make cloth wipes (my Grandma is doing this for me using old receiving blankets!) (They are all done and I love them! Going to save us loooooots of money!)
  • Get cloth diaper detergent (we’re buying a brand called “Rock’n Green” that it seems all the moms on blogs love and helps the diapers not lose their absorbency or break down which is huge)
  • Order diaper sprayer
  • Raise crib level (we built it too low!)
  • Watch Happiest Baby on the Block together
  • Go on a few dates (don’t have a lot of these left so we need to make the most of “2 of us” time!!)

So there you have it, we’re really getting down to the wire!! So exciting. 🙂 Also it’s not enough to write a whole post on so I will just tack it on here – my weekly exercise paper has again been revamped. I have cut out my planks and push-ups because of how much they work my core. That’s great but right now when we are concerned about the baby being in the right position/turning into the right position I feel like anything making her even tighter in there is counter-productive. Apparently my abs are tight enough already… I am also taking the indoor bike time off because even though I can still do it physically, it’s causing a lot of contractions and post-bike ligament pain and it’s just plain hard to pedal with my stomach getting bigger! In place of these I have upped my amount of squats, lunges and tricep dips and I am trying to find one more thing to stick in there too. Maybe bicep curls? Anyway I imagine it will need to be revamped again in a few more weeks once baby comes so I will just keep adapting with my body!


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