27 Aug

I’ll keep these weekdays short and sweet because I don’t have pictures to share or really anything all that interesting to say. 😉

Waking up Monday morning, I was nowhere near “cured” but my face was worlds better than it had been over the weekend! Gazelle and a typical Monday (thankfully my appetite was back to normal!) including Bible study cleaning. I fixed us a quick meal after work and then we had a good group study together. Zach was meeting a friend after but had time to squeeze in a quick walk with me for 23 minutes around our neighborhood – so nice to feel like walking and being outside again!! I enjoyed some ice cream + Netflix while Zach went to hang out with Steven since he was in town (he lives far away now!) and I went to bed happy with the knowledge that my face would only keep healing up.

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/blueberries
  • Lunch – lots of raw veggies w/dip, grapes
  • Supper – ww grilled cheese, soup, sm. ice cream

Monday night was the first night that I didn’t wake up due to my face itching and bothering me. I woke up for lots of other reasons but that’s just part of being 8 months pregnant… 🙂

Another typical day of workouts and work with a piece of cake thrown in at lunchtime! I was given extra cake to take home from my daycare shower last Thursday but hadn’t been up to eating any with all the mango mouth drama. Glad I felt like eating some again because it was Concannon’s cake and it was gooood!

We had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon (which I wrote about yesterday) and then I finished out the workday. Zach and I decided we felt like a little date and I initially wanted to go to Rosie’s for dinner but knew by the time we would leave it would end up being a late night. Instead we stuck close to home for the not-nearly-as-good but-still-pasta of Olive Garden. It was a good evening for not doing a whole lot of anything but just being together and those kind of nights are much-needed sometimes, especially when we’ve got a shortage of them before baby gets here. So we had a low-key night and went to bed for a night that I slept part of and spent part of trying to get comfortable…that baby is growing in there!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1 pc. ww brown sugar bread
  • Lunch – salad, 1 pc of cake
  • Supper – salad, 1 breadstick, 3/4 pasta

Thankfully, for the limited amount of sleep I got Tuesday night, I wasn’t too tired Wednesday morning. Also thankfully my face was almost entirely back to normal!! Hooray! I celebrated with gazelle and a waffle. Which honestly sounds more like a typical morning than a celebratory one. 😉

Another day went by, with cake included again and then something very special came via the mail. My Uncle Greg and Dan sent Izzy a present from Colorado and it was a HUGE one for us…our baby monitor!!! This was both an expensive and important gift and I was beyond excited to receive it. The note with it said “For the beginning of Izzy’s life on camera” which is so accurate knowing me. 🙂 What a great surprise!

I rode the bike for 25 minutes after work at mom’s and I’m afraid that will be the last time for that until after baby…I need to do a post soon of how I am revamping my workouts again as a few things need to change for these last 4-ish weeks. Mom fixed us all a delicious dinner that included my favorite noodles romanoff and even though I had to take a break during eating for a bit due to sharp ligament pain (not helped by the bike), it was still a good dinner!

Zach and I did a little running around after to get a nightstand to put in Izzy’s nursery and I picked up several items to pack in my hospital bag like tanks and nightgowns that were both cheap and had easy access for nursing. What night is complete without Netflix? And then an early bed-time so I would be well-rested for our maternity pictures that are finally taking place today!!!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – waffle w/PB, blueberries + grapes
  • Lunch – brussels sprouts, 1 pc. cake (last time for that, 2 days in a row was enough!!)
  • Supper – salad, chicken, noodles romanoff

465.5 miles.


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