26 Aug

Last Saturday, the 22nd, was our very last meeting with our doula, Jenn, before baby!! It was a shorter session mostly covering breastfeeding. We talked about various latches and holds, feeding lengths and times, what kind of diapers to be expecting and lots of other helpful information. I tell you, people should skip all the hospital classes and just get a doula instead! She also was hugely instrumental in teaching me how to wear my Moby wrap. I still need some practice but I feel much less intimidated by the endless amounts of fabric than I did initially! It was crazy saying good-bye to her knowing that the next time we see her we’ll be having our little girl!

I could have sworn I was just at the doctor last week…oh wait, maybe that’s because I was! I love this weekly visit thing. It makes time go so fast and it’s so nice to go in and get a good report and heartbeat so frequently. BP- good, weight – almost a pound less than last week…whatever, baby’s heartbeat – loud and strong at 137 (she says at this point anywhere between 120 and 160 is good), still measuring 1 week behind in fundal height and I got my swab done for the Group B strep test. I will find out those results at the next appointment.

Overall a normal visit EXCEPT I got scheduled for an ultrasound at my next visit because the doctor cannot tell if the baby is head up or head down! Good grief. I’ve been wondering, based on large body parts though it’s so hard to tell, if she is still head up and that’s not what we want at this point. Especially since my OB seems to think that if she hasn’t turned she most likely won’t because she is SO tight and compact in there. I wasn’t expecting to see her again until she came out so it’s neat that we’ll get a little peek but I am really hoping this little girl isn’t breech. If babies are breech near the end doctors will often try a “version” to turn them physically but again, my OB says she doesn’t think that will work for me. My stellar “muscle corset” is working against me! It will be a sad day if we don’t get to do natural labor at all and just schedule a c-section. Definitely a disappointing idea but as long as the baby is okay I can get past anything else!! I guess we’ll just find out the verdict come Monday…

36 weeks today which means 4 weeks until due date, 6 weeks AT MOST until Izzy is here and we become a family of 3!! I am so unbelievably excited to meet her and hold her and see Zach hold her and just love her to pieces. 🙂 Two showers down, two to go this weekend and it’s actually looking like we will really be getting our pictures taken tomorrow, hooray!! The countdown is on…


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