20 Aug

Okay, now to finally finish up with last weekend in Knoxville. Good grief, I am behind! Sunday morning Zach and I slept until a little after 9:30 which is rare but was nice. Apparently Matilda slept late again as well letting John and Heather sleep in some too! We went to Gourmet Market and had a short wait before being seated for brunch. Matilda entertained herself with various things including whatever I could find in my purse!


I had seen cinnamon raisin french toast on the menu and barely even looked at anything else because I was sold! Side of fruit to go with and Zach had biscuits and gravy + bread pudding. Of course we both tried some of all of it and my french toast was hands down the best thing (in my opinion!).


John and Heather demonstrate how to pause like life is not crazy when you have a toddler sandwiched between you. 😉


All too soon our Knoxville weekend was coming to an end and before we knew it we were saying “See you later”. Next visit (Christmas-time) baby Izzy will be here and she and Matilda can start their lifelong friendship! 🙂


With as much fun as Heather and I have always had, especially as we’ve gotten older, I can’t wait to see how our girls interact!! We are 6 years apart in age and Matilda and Isabelle will be less than 2 so it should be fun! We left behind the mountains until next time…


The drive home with the exception of one brief downpour was easy, traffic-free and we made great time. Such good time that we were home earlier than expected and called Mom and Dad to see if they wanted to have dinner at Puerto. They did. 🙂 We ate, caught up with them and then Zach and I got in a 26 minute walk on the Greenway. It was truly “back home like normal” when we ended the night with ice cream and FINALLY finished Hurt Locker. I’ve got to say, it was a good movie but I don’t know why it won best picture in 2010. Went to bed nice and early to catch up on much needed sleep!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Brunch – fruit, cinnamon-raisin french toast
  • Supper – salad, chips & queso, small ice cream

I got a good, full night’s rest Sunday night. Best sleep I’d had in awhile which was just what I needed. Gazelle and daycare kids and a return to waffles + fruit and it was just like I’d never left. I had to get the house cleaned up like usual for a Monday as we had Bible study that evening. I managed to squeeze in a shower and a trip to Concannon’s to get both supper and a snack before everyone showed up. Zach and I shared the ENORMOUS southwest salad which is full of good things and I saved my snack for later.

A good study was had and then we ran out to Target so Zach could print off the registry and see what was going on with it. Mom had said she’d printed it and it only gave her 13 items which is NOT accurate. It printed more out for us but it still seemed that some things were missing even if they were supposed to be “in store” and not online only. Not good since I have FOUR showers coming up… Back at home I had my snack of cheesecake (a small slice again and I ate about 3/4 before turning it over to Zach to finish) and we watched House. The week and weekend ahead was full of exciting baby things and I wanted plenty of sleep to keep trucking through it which meant in bed by 9:30 again. 🙂

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – ww waffle w/PB, strawberries
  • Lunch – salad, open-faced fried egg sandwich, 1 pc. chocolate
  • Supper – huge salad, 3/4 pc. cheesecake

449 miles.


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