19 Aug

There are so many baby topics to write about with even more coming up so I needed to interrupt my trip updates to write a Baby Bean post!

First off – we are DONE with all classes. Last week Zach attended a Daddy Boot Camp while I went to Basics of Breastfeeding on one night and we went together to Care of the Newborn the next night. Here’s a brief consensus of each:

Daddy Boot Camp – (Zach’s opinion) The topics were a bit all over the place since the instructor let the guys ask any questions they might have. Some things were new to him and very helpful (he came out spouting facts at me 🙂 ) and other things he didn’t find important. There usually is a “veteran dad” who is someone who attended the class in the past and shows up with his new baby to give real-life experience but unfortunately there wasn’t one on this night. Zach expressed disappointment in this. Overall he said it was fun and good to have a guys perspective.

Basics of Breastfeeding – Probably the most important class of them all to me. I learned quite a bit in this one especially along the lines of latching, different techniques and holds and info about pumping. With everything I hear and have read about breastfeeding I know there is no way to truly prepare myself but to be aware that it could be VERY difficult and VERY painful and just to get through the first 4-6 weeks regardless of how hard it is and then we should be good. I’m both nervous about it and looking forward to it simultaneously but I know no matter how difficult it will be so worth it for so many different reasons.

Care of the Newborn – A lot of things from this class Zach and I had already heard/knew but we did get some good new info as well. It was especially informative on what to expect in the baby’s first few days at the hospital which was helpful to know. Also got some good tips for surviving our first few weeks home so that was good!

We had our doctor’s appointment yesterday and it was the last one we had to wait 2 weeks for. Now they will start coming weekly which should really make time go fast! Exciting! It was a very short appointment. Just the typical weigh-in/blood pressure/urine sample/heartbeat. Weight was exactly the same as 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t take it…I actually asked the nurse if their scale was broken! Haha she said no, that it has been going up for other people.

I checked with my doctor just to make sure things were fine because I don’t understand how it isn’t going anywhere when I am supposedly gaining placenta weight, baby’s weight, amniotic fluid weight, etc. She wasn’t the least bit concerned though and said it’s strange but for some people the scale barely changes. All that matters is that everything seems to be growing properly which it does. My stomach is definitely getting bigger each week, just not at the typical rate… She said I was measuring 34 weeks on my fundal height even though I’m 35 weeks today so baby is a little on the smaller side but not significantly. I guess she is just absorbing my weight and growing?! Weird but if everything is fine I will NOT complain.

Heartbeat was good in the low 150’s. She tried to determine fetal position but wasn’t totally sure yet though she though she might be head down!! Hope so! I’ve been including an inversion position my doula gave me over the past couple of weeks that’s supposed to help turn breech babies. Next week she’ll feel again and also test me for the Strep B virus.

The baby seemed to do well with her trip to Tennessee and didn’t try to come out of state thank goodness! Heather was so sweet to give me loads of adorable clothes that were Matilda’s as well as a cute activity mat, some good breastfeeding essentials, some baby toys and various other things that were MUCH appreciated.

An update on Izzy and I – she’s at 35 weeks now which means approx. 5 weeks to go, 7 at the very most!! She is moving LOTS lately. I even took a video of my stomach the other day just watching it bump and ripple. No more little kicks though, it’s all big body part movements and I can feel hard areas all the time that I’m just dying to know which part of baby I’m feeling! I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks more frequently than I ever have. In fact just the last two days I’ve had quite a lot but they aren’t uncomfortable and aren’t too close together yet. On most 3rd trimester accounts I am doing great – no heartburn, no swelling, not too uncomfortable overall (though some things are definitely more challenging), still active, etc.

The one really bad side effect I am dealing with – sharp round ligament pain in my lower right side. A little over two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with pain jackknifing through my right pelvic area and it hurt SO much. My whole stomach was seized up tight and I immediately was worried about the baby but she was moving good like normal so that helped. It was incredibly painful though and even after it subsided I felt sore in that area and like if I moved the wrong way at all it would set it off again. Almost like a charlie horse but way, way worse. I did a little internet research and assumed it was round ligament pain and when I called my OB she confirmed it. I was glad it wasn’t anything severe but it’s not been a fun one!

I now get this every night at some point, sometime more than once and sometimes during the day. It’s got me not sleeping very well because when it wakes me up it keeps me up for a bit and it also makes me SO tense even when I’m sleeping because I am laying so carefully so as not to pull or turn wrong and “set it off”. I will definitely be glad when this is done with! Apparently it’s worse in people with a tight lower muscle framework and my muscles down there are still very knit and sturdy so I suppose it’s pretty hard for them to adjust to the baby trying to drop. I’ve told Zach I’d rather have a charlie horse in both legs, at the same time, lasting for 5 minutes than have this for 30 seconds, haha. I deal with it though and know it will all be worth it!

Up on my roster: baby shower tomorrow, doula meeting Saturday, baby shower Sunday, maternity pics Sunday (no rain please!!)


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