18 Aug

We didn’t get to crash until after 1am Friday morning which was WAY too late for this pregnant girl. Thankfully we had no reason to be up at a specific time and were able to sleep until about 9am before rousing ourselves. With a little round ligament pain thrown in. John wasn’t around at all during the day Friday because he had to teach and Heather and Matilda were at the gym so we started the day out just the two of us. Ate some breakfast, checked out John and Heather’s beautiful new home (they’ve done so many cool renovations to it!) and went for a 25 minute walk in their neighborhood. The views are beautiful seeing the blue mountains in the distance and you feel as though you are in the country despite other houses being around. The hills are no joke either! We’re not in Indiana anymore, Toto.

Heather and Matilda got home shortly after we were done and Matilda was so excited to see her Uncle Zach and Aunt Jordan that she went a bit spastic running around and yelling things at us! It was adorable. 🙂


We all cleaned up and decided to check out the lunch buffet at Northshore Brasserie.


Zach and Heather both got the buffet which included various salads, an incredibly good tomato bisque, chicken, veggie rice, a couple kinds of quiche, fruit, cookies and some other things. I had bites of Zach’s and it was good! I on the other hand went with a salad and a dish I’d seen people on TripAdvisor say was a “must get” – the duck confit and potato hash.


That hash was one of my favorite dishes of the whole weekend! It was so, so good. Bohemian Baby is where we found ourselves next and my how I wish we had one in Muncie. It’s a baby/kid store with loads of all-natural products and some really cool stuff. Heather’s “shower gifts” to me were a couple of items to help us on our journey of cloth diapering – punkin butt (a diaper rash healing/prevention stick that doesn’t cause cloth diapers to lose their absorbability) and an excellent wet bag. The bag will hang in our bathroom and we’ll throw the diapers in it when they are dirty; it came very highly recommended by the woman working in the store and she’s had 5 kids! I’ll probably need to do a comprehensive post just on cloth diapering sometime… Thank you, Heather! So excited about these new items. 🙂

Back at their house we had a little down-time while waiting for John to get home which equaled playing with our favorite niece time!




When John showed up, his Mom showed up shortly after to watch the baby while the four of us went out to dinner.


We hit a nearby place called Cazzy’s where we ate outside on the patio. Hooray for flavorful mocktails so I feel like I am having a festive drink with everyone! 🙂


This one was some type of berry mojito with fresh mint muddled in and fresh raspberries. Zach and I decided to share dinner and so he got a burger with duck fat tater tots and I got a side salad that was pretty huge!


I already forget what all was on the burger but it was good! Though nothing compared to the burgers we were about to have the next day… Our big excursion for the night was going into downtown Knoxville to the old Tennessee theater. They have restored it to it’s former 1940’s glory and it is SO cool!!

IMG_2093 IMG_2095

This is the kind of theater you can get drinks at and I totally would have been wine in hand were it not for my little companion. 😉 We were there to see Roman Holiday which is actually on our top 250 list and we hadn’t seen it before!



Before the film actually begins a man comes up out of the floor and plays the organ which is apparently how it always went down in the “old days”. What a neat experience!


We absolutely loved the movie. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck for the win! Such a great venue and so cool to see such an old black and white up on the big screen. It was funny and clever and just a downright good film. No wonder it’s on IMDB’s top 250 list! Went home after the movie to hit our beds as it was after 11pm, what happened to my sleep schedule!? Vacation. 🙂

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – raisin bran, plum
  • Lunch – salad, duck & potato hash, bites of Zach’s food
  • Supper – 1/2 salad, almost 1/2 burger, a few tots, mocktail

444.5 miles.


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