18 Aug

*I don’t usually write double posts in a day but needed to catch up on the weekend so if you missed it, last Friday’s Knoxville edition is up before this one!*

Matilda was such a good girl and slept sometime past 8:30 on Saturday morning! Which let everyone else sleep later too. 🙂 We lazed around having breakfast and took our time getting ready. The weather looked questionable but we decided to head downtown to the farmer’s market anyway. We were probably a block away from the parking garage when it started sprinkling and it was only going to get worse…

As we started wandering the stalls it began POURING and we ducked into the nearest store. Well, Zach and I ducked in, John and Heather stood outside under the awning because Matilda’s stroller was too big to fit inside! We alternated this way for awhile – walking around looking at the merchandise, hiding out from the rain (once under a mushroom ladies tent for a good chunk of time!) until it finally seemed to ease off for good. It wasn’t a total bust though as Zach bought some cool bottle of pepper flakes and I tried the spicy fudge that was made with them. It was incredibly good and I got the recipe for it! I’m sure you will see that soon. 🙂 Matilda got a butterfly balloon animal that was quite entrancing and exciting until she decided to pop it piece by piece later haha.

IMG_2105 IMG_2109


We put our names in at a restaurant and wandered around some more to kill our half hour wait. It was well worth it to eat at Stock & Barrel, the number 6 restaurant in Knoxville! This place was coooool.


They totally have the whole exposed brick and wood vibe down. Their m.o. is burgers and bourbon and I experienced half of what they are known for! 🙂 First though Zach ordered us a s’mores shake and it was the. best. shake. ever.


I am not lying. This is the best shake I’ve ever had in my life. The chocolate, the vanilla ice cream from Cruze Dairy Farms, the perfectly cooked marshmallows (and normally I don’t like them if they have any char!), the graham crackers and even the whipped cream…it was perfection.

Zach’s burger, the Bernie, had a cool combination of things like fried jalapeños, blueberry preserves, Benton’s bacon (AKA the best bacon) and bleu cheese crumbles. I got the Hurt Locker with pimiento cheese, Benton’s bacon, bourbon onion and fried green tomato.


Can you say incredible? Some of the best burgers we’ve ever had, right down to the “flour-dusted bun” from Flour Head Bakery. I love how many of their things come from local sources (Cruze Dairy Farms, Benton’s, Flour Head, etc.) and it makes everything that much fresher and tastier. Zach got his with hand-cut fries and I got the mac and cheese but honestly the fries trumped the mac. An all around fabulous meal and John and Heather (and Matilda!) seemed to enjoy theirs quite a bit as well! Downtown afternoon well spent.



Back at home Matilda went down for nap and Heather and I tackled the hills in her neighborhood for 45 minutes. It turned sunny and beautiful and we were sweating by the end. Going downhill is more difficult than going uphill with the bump I’ve got sticking out up front and I felt like I took all downhills leaning backwards at a crazy angle! 🙂

A little down-time around the house which included looots of going through Matilda’s old baby stuff. Heather had box after box of clothes and other goodies that she was SO sweet to let me tear through and choose things to bring home to repurpose for Isabelle. Then we cleaned up for another Matilda-free dinner.


This time we dropped her off at Nana’s (my Aunt Teresa’s) apartment and went nearby to Hard Knox for some wood-fired pizza. What a great crust a wood-fired oven gives a pizza! Zach and I got a white pizza with pesto cream sauce, fresh mozzarella, marinated Ashley Farm’s chicken (more local!), hand shaved parmesan, crushed red pepper and olive oil.



GOOD pizza. I only had a piece and a half because I was still so full from our late lunch but every bite was excellent. John and Heather got a red sauce veggie pizza for their dinner.


Love all the good food we get in Knoxville. Before picking up Matilda we made a stop at Buttermilk Sky pie shop where they make incredibly adorable miniature pies. Nobody was hungry enough for pie right then but we were planning ahead for later. 🙂


Matilda was riding a horse on a stick all over the place, complete with cowboy hat, when we went to pick her up and I so wished I’d taken my camera up to get a picture or even better a video! It was so precious. We took her home and put her to bed and John built a roaring fire, the first one they’ve had, in their fire pit outside.


It was the perfect evening for sitting outside around the fire, having drinks (for 3 out of 4 people) and talking the night away. We can cover just about any topic you can think of! The way the fire was reflecting off their back door made it look like there was a fire in their kitchen and so it was especially amusing when the cat would sit by it or walk through it, haha.



At some point I heated up my miniature apple pie and ate it with some of the ice cream we’d gotten to go with it.


What a delicious little pie!!! The perfect end to the evening. Again we were up past 11 and I could feel myself looking forward to the pre-10pm bedtime that I knew would come when I got home. Worth it though to spend time with close loved ones!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – watermelon, wholegrain rice cakes w/almond butter
  • Lunch – 1/2 macaroni, burger, 1/2 shake
  • Supper – 1 1/2 pcs. pizza, mini pie w/ice cream

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