14 Aug

More round ligament pain at the end of the night had me up earlier than I would have liked Thursday morning. At least it was a Friday for me! I did typical things like gazelle and work as well as non-typical things like pack for my trip and get everything ready for Vicki to teach the kids the next day. When you go anywhere and you have a daycare you can’t just leave, you have to have all your days gone totally planned out including having all potential foods ready. It’s not as easy as it would seem to just “take off work” for the day!

Once I got off I took a lightning-fast shower (well, as fast as it could be with a 7 1/2 month pregnant belly!), heated up leftovers and we hit the road for Knoxville. Traveling on a Thursday evening wasn’t too bad at all traffic wise which is nice since our route always takes us through lots of small towns. Thanks to Zach’s gps we were able to avoid TWO horrible wrecks that would have stopped us for an hour one time and an hour and a half another!

We stopped every couple hours to get out and walk a little as my doctor suggested this to avoid blood clots. I’d planned out one of our stops that we reached right around 9pm. There was a little park that we took a quick 5 minute walk in and then we went next door for the real reason for the stop – Whippy Dip!



I had searched “ice cream” on the map of our trip down and found this place that would be perfect. It was open late, a local little joint and we’d reach it right around a time we needed to stop. Plus how can you pass up a place with a name like Whippy Dip? Haha. We went inside this tiny little joint and immediately the coney dogs smelled fabulous but we were there for dessert.  They had a huge menu and it took us a minute to decide but finally Zach went with a small PB&J shake and I got a small cup of fudge brownie ice cream with a “birthday cake dip”.



The birthday cake dip was like a hard shell over the ice cream that was birthday cake flavored and I could have just eaten a cup of that! Haha



As it was, sadly I didn’t like my ice cream flavor really at all so I ended up only eating the topping. I had a few drinks of Zach’s shake though and it was good. It crazily tasted JUST like a PB&J! Weird… We continued on and I started getting realllly tired once 10:30 rolled around. By the time it was after 11:30 it was now the latest I’d stayed up since getting pregnant and I was exhausted! I don’t sleep in the car though. The baby was moving around like crazy and she is not normally a night mover, she probably wondered what in the world was going on haha. We finally made it to John and Heather’s new house around 1:00 am and I passed out hard!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, ww waffle w/PB
  • Lunch – strawberries, salad, couple bites of macaroni
  • Supper – broccoli pasta, bites of ice cream

443.5 miles.


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