13 Aug

Last workday of the week before heading to Knoxville, TN! Praying for comfortable car travel, good sleeping in a place that’s not home (as that’s gotten challenging even here in my own bed!) and that little Izzy does NOT decide now is a good time to come, haha. I’m so excited to see my favorite cousin and looking forward to all the fun we all have together! Plus it’s definitely time for Matilda to see her Uncle Zach and Aunt Jordan again. 🙂

Backing up to Tuesday. Gazelle, daycare, beautiful weather and in a rush right after work. I had mere minutes to feed Zach and I supper, change and get on the road to be at our classes by 6:30. We ate leftover chicken with lime butter and it was still so good! That was an easy one I’ll definitely need to remember.

I had my Basics of Breastfeeding class and Zach had his Daddy Bootcamp. I’ll write about classes in a separate Baby Bean post soon but these were both good ones to attend! Well I’m assuming the bootcamp is since Zach seemed to like it. 🙂 We both came away with good information and I’m glad we got them in, even if it did feel slightly like sitting in class for 2 hours to me…

Back at home I felt HUNGRY even though it was about 9pm so I ate a few bites of my leftover broccoli pasta from the other night and that seemed to do the trick. We watched Netflix ever so briefly but then turned in because we were both tired, especially Zach. He’s been getting up at 5:45 all week to roof all day!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice ww. brown sugar bread, greek yogurt w/strawberries
  • Lunch – salad, open-faced (which means 1 slice of bread instead of 2) ww fried egg sandwich
  • Supper – corn on the cob, chx, a few bites of pasta

Wednesday looked a lot like Tuesday in that I did gazelle, had a normal workday (good cheese/mushroom/tomato omelette for lunch!)


And then we had to hurry after work to get to Anderson again. On this night we ate leftover veggie quiche and went to Care of the Newborn together. Again this was a class I was glad we went to. While a lot of the information wasn’t that new, we did learn some stuff and I felt especially more informed on how the first couple days of baby’s life while still in the hospital will go. It was nice to be told everything they’d do right after she’s born so that nothing would be startling or unexpected.

After class we stopped by this tiny little booth that’s an Anderson stand-by called Sno-Castle. I’ve heard about it for years and people absolutely love it but we’d never been. I’m not a huge fan of sno cones but we thought we’d stop by and try it out. There were SO many flavors to choose from. I ended up getting a mini size half watermelon/half pink champagne and Zach got the “prince” size of half orange-pineapple/half passion fruit. On mine I surprisingly didn’t care for the watermelon and on Zach’s I thought the passion fruit tasted like perfume! Haha.



As far as sno cones go, these were way better than average. They didn’t have big uneven chunks of ice, it was literally shave ice like it is supposed to be and the pink champagne flavor was pretty good! All that to say that I barely ate mine down into the cup. It was just sooo syrupy. I know people like that but to me it was like drinking straight sugar and it was just sweet overload. At least it was fun for something different. 🙂 Then home and to bed as it had been a busy week so far and still had plenty of busy-ness to come!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/blueberries
  • Lunch – nectarine, veggie omelette, chocolate
  • Supper – large pc. veggie quiche, 1/4 sno-cone

442 miles.

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