12 Aug

Jordan Rabenstein

Zach Rabenstein

Isabelle Rabenstein due 09/23/15

Doula – Jennifer Bell


  • Labor in different positions, mobility not restricted
  • Labor in tub/would like a room with tub if available
  • No pain medications, please don’t even offer
  • Be able to eat/drink lightly if desired
  • Any family/friends permitted to be in and out during the process


  • Squatting or other upright position preferred
  • Be consulted first on any medical procedures if they become necessary
  • My husband, doula, possibly mother and close friend present
  • Spontaneous and non-directed bearing down technique unless guided pushing becomes necessary or tearing becomes an issue


  • Delay cord clamping until cord has finished pulsing, father cuts the cord
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact
  • Breastfeeding only, no pacifiers, bottles or supplements; allow to begin as soon as baby indicates desire to eat
  • Vitamin K okay
  • Hep B okay

This is my basic birth plan. I thought initially it would be much more in depth but seeing as my hospital is a “baby-friendly” hospital there was so much I don’t even have to worry about! There are only about 7 hospitals in the state of Indiana that have earned the title of “baby-friendly”. What this means is that every year they go through a rigorous process to meet lots and lots of standards that make their labor and delivery unit as accommodating to mothers and babies as possible. Even some of the things on my list (such as immediate skin-to-skin, breastfeeding asap, etc) are things my hospital will automatically encourage.

Other things that are on some birth plans such as not wanting consistent fetal monitoring, allow for natural tearing – no episiotomy, no forceps or vacuum extractor, prefer dim lighting, keep baby in-room, delay bathing, etc. aren’t even ones I needed to worry about because my birthing center accommodates all of these. One of the big reasons that I chose this hospital in the first place!

I plan on printing off my birth plan and taking a couple with me to the hospital but I have no qualms whatsoever that my wishes will be followed and I’m grateful to have that kind of comfort. Very much looking forward to our own, unique birthing experience that will take place in around 6 weeks or so!!


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