11 Aug

I was so excited all weekend about my upcoming maternity photos but I was also apprehensive as the forecast looked rougher and rougher. Waking up Sunday morning it wasn’t raining but it was seriously overcast. Went through the morning like normal, eating breakfast and going to church. Sam preached a wonderful message on letting God flow through us to other people and not letting ourselves be blessed and stopping the blessings there.

When we got out the radar was saying an 85% chance of thunderstorms right around our picture time and so the photographer and I decided to reschedule. I was bummed because I was so looking forward to them but I also was glad not to be on edge all day wondering if we’d be able to get them or not. So that changed our day up a bit.

Got the kids groceries, ate stuff out of the fridge for lunch with some more Hurt Locker and cleaned a little. At this point it was still seriously overcast but not raining and Zach wanted to play disc golf so I accompanied him to the course and walked it with him while he played 18 holes. The course out in Yorktown was a bit rugged, it ended up being a good workout! I didn’t play but I would putt from his last disc. 🙂 I just can’t twist my body to throw hard enough for the long drives!

We drove around out at the reservoir for awhile scouting out potential areas to take our pictures two weeks from that day (when we’d rescheduled for) and I said I’d now spend the next two weeks hoping that that Sunday wasn’t bad weather too! Our upcoming week was incredibly busy and we wouldn’t be having our usual dinner at my parents so Mom asked if we wanted to come Sunday night and of course we did. 🙂 BBQ chicken on the grill and sweet corn as well as my favorite long grain and wild rice, yum. We played a competitive game of double euchre after eating during which Mom made cookies but I only ate one because I had cheesecake plans later… Zach and I managed to pull out a last-second win and it’s always fun to beat the parents. 🙂

At home we watched House and I had my piece of cheesecake from Concannons that was really small compared to their usual slice. So small I thought I might actually eat it all for once but half-way into it I realized that wasn’t happening. Probably due to the cookie. 😉 That’s more snacks than I need in a night anyway!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 pc. ww tst. w/PB, grapes (you do know when I type ww that it means whole-wheat right?)
  • Lunch – salad, ww grilled cheese
  • Supper – 1/2 roll, rice, corn on the cob, 1 chx. leg, 1 cookie, 1/2 pc. cheesecake

Slept good and hard Sunday night! Nice for being refreshed and ready for a new week come Monday morning. Especially nice knowing it’s just a 4-day work week because we are going to Knoxville to see John, Heather and Matilda for the weekend!!

Gazelle, breakfast and my small class. I know I’ll be thankful for the down-sized group when the baby gets here! During nap-time I chopped up broccoli for that night’s recipe and worked on getting the house all clean since Bible study was starting back up after our two-week hiatus. I’d decided to get dinner ready and eat before everyone showed up so at the end of the workday I got everything ready to make Cheesy Penne with BroccoliI’d torn it out of a Cooking Light magazine and it looked like an easy enough one to make quickly before our study.

Whole wheat penne and the broccoli boiled in a large pot while I made sauce in another pan. It started with flour + almond milk and then when it was slightly thickened I added parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, S+P, a dash of nutmeg, dijon mustard and cream cheese greek yogurt. I didn’t realize until I was cooking that I hadn’t bought cream cheese for the recipe so I improvised last minute and used greek yogurt instead!


The pasta was tossed with the cheese sauce and topped off with a little more parmesan.


We actually ate our dinner at the table for once! Crazy I know. 🙂 Red pepper flakes were added to both our bowls because it needed a bit of heat.


There was nothing wrong with this recipe whatsoever but it isn’t one I’d make again just because it didn’t have anything all that special about it. Zach said it needed italian sausage. 🙂


We’d only just finished up when people started to arrive and we jumped into a new type of study. We’re taking a break from Isaiah for awhile to study different stories of Jesus’ interactions with people during his time on earth which I think will make for pretty good discussion. Everyone took a minute to look at the nursery after and it was so fun to see people’s reactions! They seemed to genuinely love it which makes me happy because I know I sure do.

Got Zach to go on a 21 minute walk with me after. The evening had finally turned nicer after a day of some heavy downpours. Then we ran a few errands, picked up an ice cream snack and watched yet more Hurt Locker. It’s taking us awhile to finish that one but we’re almost done! Bed for both of us especially since Zach had to be up bright and early the next morning for roofing.

Monday’s Food journal:

  • Breakfast – ww waffle w/PB, banana
  • Lunch – 1 pc. veggie quiche
  • Supper – ww broccoli penne, small ice cream

439 miles.


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