9 Aug

Always nice waking up Friday morning to that knowledge of “weekend ahead”. I did the gazelle and ate my breakfast and helped the kiddos make under the sea pictures using their handprints as fish. 🙂 At lunch I made my version of nachos which is basically melting cheese over tortilla chips and eating them with loads of salsa! Salad added for more nutritional benefit.

I did a lot of prep work for dinner during nap because my meal, Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche, was one that required much chopping! I’d made this before back in like 2013 and Zach and I really loved it and then I’d never made it again. It was time to resurrect it, especially considering it hails from my favorite cookbook – Way to Cook Vegetarian. First I chopped lots of veggies – mushrooms, green pepper, zucchini and tomato.

IMG_2035 IMG_2036


Then at the end of the workday I sautĂ©ed all those veggies (minus tomatoes plus diced potatoes that had been thawed) while mixing the following together in a bowl – cheddar cheese, monterey jack, flour, eggs, egg substitute, salt, almond milk and baking powder. I think that was it? Check the recipe link if I missed something! 🙂



When the veggies were soft they were mixed with this and it all went into a big baking dish topped with the rest of the cheese + tomatoes. Then into the oven for a good 50 minutes of cooking time.



Perfect time to get a shower in. 🙂 It came out of the oven looking and smelling wonderful!


Zach asked, slightly skeptically, “You made this before and we loved it?”. I said yes and we each started with a piece like this –


But apparently a few bites in Zach’s memory was refreshed on how much he loved it before because he ate like 3 1/2 times this amount! Haha.


I however stuck with my one big piece, it’s a filling dish! As always with my favorite cookbook we had a meal that was incredibly delicious, nutritious and all-around great.


After dinner we did a little running around including a stop at Mom and Dad’s so Zach could fix their computer, handy son-in-law they’ve got. 🙂 We took a 20 minute walk around Ball State’s campus for different scenery and I got a small cup of frozen yogurt from Berrywinkle. Home just in time for Mom and Dad to stop in and see the nursery now that it’s -thisclose- to being done!!

Watched an episode of Friends before the bed was calling my name as it always does on a Friday after a long work week!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/blueberries
  • Lunch – tortilla chips w/cheese + salsa, salad
  • Supper – vegetable quiche, small ice cream

Bed early means wake up pretty early, even if it’s the weekend. Zach was gone for the first part of the morning so I started out my day with breakfast and some cleaning. I had a good amount of time before yoga and enjoyed 35 minutes of walking by the river in the sunshine with my book. Our new prenatal yoga teacher taught her first class today and we had a lot of new girls there! I am now the second furthest along in the class which blows my mind. I was the earliest by far in the class when I started back at 8 weeks!!

I feel like my Saturday’s have been so routine that you can probably guess what followed. Did you guess lunch and then the pool with Mom? Cause you’re right! The forecast said mostly cloudy but it never got cloudy at all while we were out there for a good hour and 45 minutes.

Back at home Zach and I cleaned, played an old but new-to-me game called Rack-o and generally hung around for a bit until we started to get hungry. Not wanting to spend much money but wanting to go out somewhere and also wanting something different to eat had us ending up out at Tin Lizzy! We started with a plate of cheese fries of which Zach had the majority. 🙂



For our meal we shared a basket with onion rings, potato salad and a bbq bacon cheeseburger- true diner food!


It’s such a fun little place, cheap and never busy. The old train outside is really cool too, it’ll be fun to take a child there eventually… We got small shakes to take home and later discovered that neither of us cared for the one we ordered so we switched and were much happier! Neighborhood walk for 20 minutes to digest and then House with our shakes. We also picked out Zach’s clothes and got them all ready for our maternity photos that we were supposed to be doing tonight but those have been rescheduled due to threatening thunderstorms!!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal, apple
  • Lunch – 1 pc. quiche
  • Supper – a few cheese fries, 2 onion rings, bites of potato salad, almost 1/2 burger, small shake

436 miles.


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