7 Aug

I had a rough night’s sleep Tuesday night due to round ligament pain on my right side. A down-side to being fairly small for my stage of pregnancy is that my muscles are all very tight still so any stretching out and shifting of them is incredibly uncomfortable. So I was pretty wiped out Wednesday morning. Enough so that I only did 20 minutes on the gazelle instead of 30.

I powered through the day despite being exhausted even though it meant I made the laziest choice for lunch which was to eat some leftover chips with cheese dip and salsa that Vicki had left at our house. At least I paired it with grapes? We went to the grocery after work before going to Mom’s for dinner. I’d already decided I wasn’t riding the bike on this night because I was so tired and because my ligaments were still hurting some.

I love shrimp salad and hadn’t had it for awhile and was so excited that it’s what Mom made to eat. 🙂 Tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, tiny shrimp – what a great combination! All 4 of us got to eat together which has been a rare occurrence this summer so that was nice. Then when Zach and I got home we walked in the neighborhood for a surprisingly longer time than I had planned. I just wanted to get a quick one in but it was so nice out and I felt good enough that we walked a little over half an hour. A snack and just a little Netflix before bed because I was determined to get more sleep on this night!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – cinnamon roll, banana
  • Lunch – chips & queso & salsa, grapes
  • Supper – soup, 1 pc. garlic bread, shrimp salad, 1 small pc. pie

Still woke up a lot but was definitely more rested come Thursday morning! Enough for a good, easy 30 gazelle minutes. Work day rushed by and guess what I did after? MADE DINNER. Haha, shocking I know. I think I cook the least in the summer than any other time of year. I boiled some sweet corn in a big pot which was simple enough


and I made Chicken in Lime Butter torn out of a Taste of Home. What a simple and good recipe! Just cooked the chicken in oil with S+P and then set aside to keep warm. Melted butter in the same skillet with some lime juice, added dill weed and minced chives and that was it!


The liquid went on top of the chicken and it really couldn’t have been more simple.


Corn made the perfect side with this and the chicken, while not a lot was involved, was very flavorful and juicy and we both loved it!

IMG_2033 IMG_2034

Ate alongside Hurt Locker which we just started. We didn’t watch much though because we did some running around and got a few more things for the nursery, light fixture I have been drooling over for months included!!! He worked on getting the light up while I worked on a small piece of s’mores pie. 🙂 Then bed-time for all.

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, ww waffle w/PB
  • Lunch – veggie egg scramble, grapes
  • Supper – corn, chicken, 1 small pc. pie

431 miles.


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