3 Aug

Well, waking up before 8am after going to bed after 11 the night before wasn’t my ideal plan but at least I felt semi-rested. 🙂 I did normal Saturday-morning things like eat breakfast, work on a blog post and made a menu for the week (which only seems to be a semi-normal thing since every other week we have too many meals accounted for to make dinner!).

Then I took off, already in my yoga gear, for the mall. I arrived and walked inside only to realize…it wasn’t open yet! You can go inside the mall, probably for all the older people who like to do “mall walking” but all the stores still had their gates down. Apparently the mall doesn’t open until 10am and there I was at 20 til! So I walked around the mall and outside the mall and got a little unexpected exercise in waiting for the shops to open. Finally they did and I spent a good amount of time in Charlotte Russe hunting down the perfect outfit for maternity photos and thankfully I scored! Can’t wait to get those done in just a week…

It was my prenatal yoga teacher’s last week teaching as she is moving away so I was so glad to get to be a part of Saturday morning’s class. As of next week one of the girls from the class who delivered 7 weeks ago is taking over! After class it was more of my typical Saturday activities – eating lunch and going to the pool with Mom. She, Vicki and I all laid out and as they left I stuck around a little longer and ended up getting too much sun as evidenced by my red chest and stomach later.

Got dressed up and headed to the park for a beautiful summer’s day wedding for Steven and Sarah, dodging poorly placed barrels while driving on the interstate half the way there. Even though it being a really hot and sunny day, it felt great under all the shade from the trees and we watched a lovely wedding. And I watched a handsome groomsman. 🙂


I had the best looking date there!!


They had snacks of cheese and crackers set up to munch on after the ceremony as well as lots of beer and wine. Worst part about being pregnant, haha! The outdoor area was set up with games like corn hole, beer pong, hillbilly golf and such which was a fun and inventive touch. Vicki and I played a game of hillbilly golf during which I discovered I am not very good. 🙂 Zach had to be all over the place at first but I got to visit lots more with Kaitlin and Ryan!


Can you see how red I am getting yet? It actually didn’t hurt at all except one unfortunate thing- my bellybutton!! I have a pretty shallow belly button and I’ve noticed over the past week it is starting to turn out a little. I should have thought about that and put some really strong sunscreen on it considering I was at the pool getting too much sun on a part of my body that had never seen the light of day before. It hurt every time my dress rubbed against it!

Before we knew it it was dinner and I got to sit at the bridal table with Zach. 🙂 The chicken and artichoke lasagna with cream sauce was very good! Toasts happened at this point and Zach gave a sweet and funny one.


Then when formalities like that and the cake cutting and dances were done it was outside for lots more game playing!


Zach shows off dance skills while playing cornhole. He and I even won a game! During a quick moment we managed to get a picture with the bride and groom-


The fun continued on into the night including moving inside when the mosquitoes got too plentiful, eating not one but two slices (albeit thin ones) of cheesecake with fresh fruit toppings (ah-mazingly good), cleaning up EVERYthing and dancing our hearts out at the end of the night when it was basically just wedding party left.


A great time to be sure, even if my feet were pretty tired after 7 1/2 hours of steep wedge heels! 🙂 We found ourselves leaving close to 11 and it was another late night for me! I laughed and told Zach I didn’t think I’d been up past 11 two nights in a row since I got pregnant. This girl needed to catch up on sleep for sure.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, 1pc. brown sugar ww bread
  • Lunch – salad, potatoes
  • Supper – cheese & crackers, veggies, bread, 1 pc lasagna, 2 small pcs. cheesecake

Zach had to get up and do sound booth Sunday morning but I didn’t get myself out of bed until 9:30! That’s the latest I’ve slept/most sleep I’ve had in awhile and I was grateful. I got to take my time getting up, eating breakfast and getting ready. I had one active baby during church! She was on my bladder and up under my ribs and all over the place. I love her moving around because it’s reassuring but it sure can be uncomfortable at times, especially since I get the feeling she is pretty cramped in there so every turn feels like she’s trying to come out through my stomach!

It was so lovely to be with my husband for the day, even while doing mundane things like getting the kid’s groceries and eating whatever we could find in the fridge for lunch. We lounged around spending time together and took a very hot 25 minute walk by the river. We didn’t exactly have a free evening though because we were celebrating Dad’s birthday! We went to pick him and Mom up and I snagged a picture before the 4 of us headed to Indy.



Dad had picked Cooper’s Hawk as his birthday place of choice and we all enjoyed very delicious meals!

IMG_2008 IMG_2009

I may have went on the light side with a half soup/half salad but you can bet I had a few bites of his incredibly tasty gnocchi! Though I didn’t have more than a smell of what I’m sure was the tasty rhubarb wine Mom ordered a bottle of…

Back home was downtime with House and a snack and then bed BEFORE 11pm. Great weekend!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal
  • Lunch – grapes, ww grilled cheese
  • Supper – 1/2 salad, 1/2 soup, bites of gnocchi, small ice cream

422.5 miles.


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