30 Jul

I was pretty tired on Monday. I’ve been doing this thing where I feel like I am getting a full night’s sleep but I don’t wake up as well rested as I should if I indeed got a full night’s sleep. I have vivid dreams all night long and the fact that I can remember them mostly upon waking means I am not sleeping too deeply sometimes. It’s definitely a pregnancy thing and some nights it’s more noticeable than others.

I sludged through gazelle time anyway and went on with the start of my workweek. I had a hard time forcing meals in which is why breakfast and lunch look pretty small. I wasn’t feeling sick but it was very first trimester-y in that absolutely nothing sounded good, hence the pasta I had for dinner after work. 🙂

Bible study was cancelled for this week and the next so that freed up the evening. Zach was busy all night (as he has been/will be all week) working on Steven’s wedding present, something he has to build. Even though I was run down I made myself do things like shower, walk on the Greenway for 35 minutes and get some food before hanging out with Netflix. Zach took a break at one point and we finished up Once Upon a Time in the West. Again I will say that for not being a fan of old westerns, this one was a good deal more interesting to watch than The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

When Zach got back to work, I hit the sack for what I hoped was a more restful night!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/strawberries
  • Lunch – brown rice w/egg
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks, baked alfredo, 1 scoop ice cream

It was. A more restful night, that is. Enough that my gazelle and day felt much easier than the day before! For breakfast I resurrected a lunchbox creation from when I was a kid. My mom would mix PB and syrup to make a thick paste and send me bread to dip in it. That may sound weird but I LOVED this! Of course my grown-up version is whole wheat bread with all-natural PB and pure syrup and I think it’s even better. 🙂

Another workday goes by and I actually got off 40 minutes early!! I do not have a clue the last time something like that happened but I’ll take it! My weekly dinner-made-by-Mom was on Tuesday this week so I went over there and made myself ride the bike for half an hour even though it was sticky, sweaty hot. This whole week has been a humid scorcher but I’ll take it over the rain and gloom!

Zach wasn’t with us for dinner of course because he was working on his project but Mom, Dad and I had parmesan crusted chickens (one shaped like a turkey!) over spaghetti with some sautéed italian veggies and garlic bread. Good and filling! It de-railed my plans for ice cream later. 😉 I watched Bachelorette before going home to spend just a teensy bit with my husband.

He laid down with me to “tuck me in” which he always does if for a rare night he isn’t going to bed when I do. This involves praying together, talking to Izzy and a goodnight kiss but on this night it involved Zach falling asleep beside me! He had every intention of getting up and working more but he passed out which never happens. I even stirred him to make sure he wouldn’t be upset later that he didn’t get back up and all I got was grunting, haha. Looks like we both needed sleep for once!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – ww bun w/PB syrup, grapes
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – veggies, 1 pc. garlic bread, chx. w/spaghetti

Another day of waking up after a dream-filled night. I don’t think I like those nights too much even though I feel like I don’t spend time awake I sure am more worn out all day! Gazelle and work and a big bowl of leftover potatoes that Zach had made for the bachelor party last weekend that were really good.

Once again he was going to be busy a lot of the evening and I didn’t feel like throwing something together for dinner so I called my mom and put on my pathetic voice, “What are you and Daddy doing for dinner?”. It worked. 🙂 Good thing too because by the time I got off I just felt utterly drained. So I curled up on my parent’s couch, finished this season of the Bachelorette and was fed Pizza King. 🙂

Despite my desire to pretty much pass out when I got home, I decided to get in activity and spend a little time with Zach instead. We took a shorter 18 minute walk around the neighborhood and then went for a drive. Ice cream, a little House and then it was acceptable that I go to bed at this point. 🙂

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/apple
  • Lunch – potatoes bowl, grapes
  • Supper – 1 breadsticks, 3 pcs. Pizza King, 1/2 sundae

418 miles.


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