29 Jul

I keep having this nagging feeling that I had multiple topics I wanted to write on for a baby post but I just can’t seem to remember what they were! I know for sure I want to do a detailed nursery post but I can’t do that until the nursery is actually closer to being done… So instead I’ll just get up a general being pregnant post with a mishmash of stuff.

I’m at 32 weeks pregnant today which means roughly 8 weeks to go. Wow. Izzy is approximately 3 3/4 lbs. and 17-ish inches crown to toe (or so they say). Her size this week on my app is a Florida pomelo… Any clue on what that is? I think they are getting desperate, haha. My weekly updates aren’t really telling me much in the realm of baby development these days because nothing all that significant is happening besides her fattening up! All her organs are of course maturing more each and every day but really she has everything she needs now to survive in the outside world. I read that babies born at 32 weeks have over a 90% survival rate. I’d still like her to wait AT LEAST 5 or 6 more weeks though please. 🙂

Everyone calls the second trimester the “golden trimester” but so far I have to say the third is my favorite! I’ve been in it for 4 or 5 weeks so far and it’s been really great. For the most part I have good energy during the day and don’t start getting really tired until night. I’ve still been able to fall asleep easily and sleep well throughout the night. I’m not having trouble with swelling or heartburn or backache or any of those things. Here are the few things I do get – occasional leg cramps in the middle of the night, ridiculously vivid dreams some nights, going to the bathroom a little more frequently and usually able only to eat half of my meals. I don’t get the least bit hungry in between them either.

She is definitely growing as my stomach is getting noticeably bigger. I can still wear my normal shirts though which is nice. I tell Zach frequently that I wish I could just see through my stomach to know what position she is in because something is up under my ribs on the right side constantly and I want to know what it is! Sometimes her movements and shifting are forceful and it feels like she is just trying to climb right out of my stomach haha. Her hiccups are at least a twice daily thing, very strong, down very low and sometimes last like 5 minutes!

I have gotten braxton hicks since about 24 weeks and still get them at least a couple of times a day. They are especially likely to come on if I go for a longer walk or if I need to go to the bathroom and am holding it. They are painless for the most part but I’ve had about 3 separate occasions when one has been so strong that I have to stop for a minute and breathe through it! I imagine that’s a small dose of what real labor contractions will be like. They haven’t worried me though because they have never come consistently or frequently, just little warm-ups for the real thing. 🙂

I think it’s around 55 or so days until my due date and there is SO much to do in that time! Luckily after this busy wedding week is over we’re devoting all the spare time to finishing up her nursery. We’ve got maternity photos, multiple classes, doula meetings, a trip to Knoxville, multiple baby showers and more coming up on the roster for August!

Exercise wise – going great! Still have no trouble getting in squats, pushups, lunges, indoor bike, lots of walks, tricep dips, planks, gazelle and yoga when I am free. Haven’t even attempted running a step since I said that running was off the roster but other than that it’s pretty good for 7 months pregnant I feel like! Especially as it’s been pretty consistently in the 80’s lately… It’s nice to be able to say I’m over 7 months along now, sounds pretty far to me. 🙂 We’re loving this little girl more and more every day and praying for her and reading to her and talking to her and generally getting ourselves geared up to being 3 instead of 2. Can. Not. Wait.


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