28 Jul

I have pictures from Saturday and Sunday so it won’t be a completely wordy post! Hooray!

When I woke up in the morning I snuck out of the room so as not to disturb Hillary. We begin our days at different times. 🙂 I had my breakfast, browsed the internet, got ready for the day and left all before she woke up. My first stop was to the nail place for a pedicure because my toes were SAD. I hadn’t had them painted since early March with Kori in Kentucky and trust me, they were waaaay overdue. Especially with it being summertime and maternity photos just around the corner!

I didn’t have tons of extra time after this before yoga but I did manage to squeeze in a quick 16 minute walk by the river. Then it was a very, very hot prenatal yoga class. The air wasn’t working right and even though we had the door open, it was mid-upper 80’s in there and this pregnant woman could tell! Luckily I didn’t get too dizzy or overheated, though I sweat quite a bit laying in pigeon.

After I got a quick lunch in me, including eating the few bites of Hillary’s macaroni from the night before, it was time to sweat somewhere different. Poolside of course! Mom and I headed over to Ron & Vicki’s for some good laying out. The sun was in pretty full force and it was HOT so I found myself in the pool cooling off and floating quite a bit. Great day for it!

Fast forward a couple of hours later I was getting ready and heading to Indy to see Leah for the first time in too long! I finally got to see her new apartment even though they had moved like a month or so ago and it was beautiful. The ceilings were so high and the rooms so big it felt more like a house than an apartment. We didn’t wait long before going to Broad Ripple to eat at Sangrita’s based on her husband Grant’s suggestion. We braved the heat and humidity to sit outside on their rustic-y, wooden deck. Drinks to start out – make mine a virgin!



This cocktail that involved pineapple juice, cream of coconut and some other things was made with ginger beer instead of tequila and it was refreshing and tasty! Fun to have a special drink to sip on. 🙂 Thanks to Leah and Grant knowing somebody at practically every restaurant, we were sent out a salsa sampler to try with our chips.


The green verde on the left was my favorite, the “cowboy caviar” in the back with beans/corn/tomatoes/etc. was good, I didn’t care for the one on the right at all and the one in the front was SO hot that I only sampled it once! This place has very fresh, authentic Mexican food and dinner did not disappoint. They had an array of tacos you could choose from and each came with two sides.


I chose the “Tacos de Papas” which were potato tacos mixed with some type of cheese and spices with a green cilantro crema on top. My sides were zucchini with a little cheese and elotes – a corn on the cob that was charred and had something like chili powder (?) on it and was really excellent! Leah enjoyed her food as well. 🙂


We sweated, swatted at bees and talked about the million topics we needed to catch up on. Most of which revolve around baby/toddler stuff! With me due in less than 2 months and Leah with a 20-month old, baby and kid things reign supreme. Nice to have another mom to talk to. It was so fun to visit and hopefully it won’t be such a long stretch before we see each other again!


Back home in Muncie Mom and I went to Kohls where I lucked into finding the perfect dress + earrings for my maternity photo shoot. I still need to get one more outfit but I’d been having trouble so far so at least one is down now. We hung out on her couch and watched TV and I had ice cream before going home to pass out early and get a good, full night’s sleep.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – salad, a few bites of mac
  • Supper – chips & salsa, 1 taco, corn + zucchini, ice cream

Despite Zach being gone, I slept really great Saturday night. Probably because I hadn’t slept well in a few nights and my body really needed to catch up! I woke up so happy knowing Zach would be back that afternoon. 🙂 I picked up Mom and took her to church where we had a guest speaker since a huge part of our church (ministers included) is in Liberia, Africa!

After I dropped her back home I did the kid’s grocery shopping then went right back to her house because she and Dad wanted to take me to lunch at McAllister’s.


I got the half and half and did a garden salad + a spud. They have many different types of loaded potatoes you can get and this one had chicken, cheese and tomatoes. It was good but not great enough that I’d get it again. I always really like their garden salad though!

Guess what Mom and I did after lunch? Back to the pool! This was one of the first weekends where it was nice enough both Saturday AND Sunday so we took full advantage of this. We only stayed an hour this day but it was still nice to get some more sun and outdoor time. I had to get back home though because shortly after Zach was back! Hooray! We literally did nothing but cuddle on the couch and talk for quite awhile. 🙂

When we got hungry enough for food I let Zach choose where he felt like eating and he picked Savages. The quesadilla I got was pretty decent but of course I only ate half of it. That and a few of Zach’s loaded fries! To the Greenway for a 20 minute walk after that included some train track pictures.

IMG_1956 IMG_1962 IMG_1966


Leah let me borrow a whole bag of maternity clothes and the above top was one of them! I literally haven’t bought or worn a single maternity shirt (with the exception of the Mother’s Day one from Zach) because I can still wear all my normal tops. Maternity shorts on the other hand are the only kind I wear. I liked this top though and it fit pretty well for being maternity. Most maternity tops hang off of me or just make me look wide and while this one had a lot of extra fabric under my stomach that you can’t see thanks to my hand, it fit better than any others I’ve tried on!

After our walk we watched some Once Upon a Time in the West before giving in and watching some House. We just love that show! Also we ate cheesecake because I wanted some. 🙂 It was so nice to have a husband to go to bed with again!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit
  • Lunch – salad, chicken potato
  • Supper – 1/2 quesadilla, few fries, 1/2 pc. cheesecake

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