24 Jul

I’m actually going to write this backwards from the title, starting with “didn’t need to go to that class”. A few weeks back Zach and I spent alllll of our Saturday at a Childbirth Preparation class. I had looked forward to it some but realized fairly soon into it – this is for people who are not readers/don’t research/don’t know anyone who has had babies/etc. The class was very informative, it was just all information that Zach and I already knew!

The best parts of this class (besides laughing at the people’s clothes and hair in the outdated videos) were getting to tour the hospital and seeing Zach put on the “empathy belly”.


Pretty sure that weighed a good deal more than my actual belly, haha! Seeing the birthing center at my hospital was fun though. Exciting to tour the rooms and know that before too long we’d be in one of them meeting our daughter!! Only 2 of the rooms have tubs in them and then there are specific tub rooms if you want to use one but your room doesn’t have it. Realllly crossing my fingers a tub room is available when we check in!

One other thing I learned at this class – most of the women’s partners were not very supportive! We were in a room with about 11 other couples and I would say of those, probably 7 or 8 weren’t guys I would ever want to accompany me through pregnancy and labor. Cracking jokes all during the class, poking fun at their wives, undermining the difficulty of pregnancy and wives making comments throughout like “oh, this my idiot…I mean husband..” or “Yeah, right! Like I could ever get HIM to do anything helpful!” The teacher would say things about guys picking up slack around the house and there would be women scoffing and guys laughing. At one point she had all the guys standing behind us and led them through a series of different types of back and shoulder rubs that could be done during labor. I swear to you, my husband, along with maybe 2 other guys, was the only one not complaining/making jokes/quitting and all kinds of other very un-husbandly like things. I always try to work at recognizing just what I have in Zach and how rare he is and this just shows it even more. So thankful that my husband is supportive and present and romantic and loving and just as much a part of this journey as I am!

Next up – doula meeting. Zach and I had meeting numero dos with Jenn and it was great. I learn so much more from her in an hour and a half than I did all day at birth classes! At this meeting we went over birthing positions and different techniques and ways to labor. She brought over a “bean” which was like an exercise ball but shaped like a bean and lower to the ground. She demonstrated all of it’s uses and while I can’t say for certain yet, I think I’m going to like the bean!! We also talked various moves to do encourage baby to move into the proper, head-down position. There were some other this-and-that’s and before we knew it a couple hours had flown by and we hadn’t even gotten to breastfeeding. So we set up another meeting to cover that. 🙂

My latest doctor’s appointment included the TDAP vaccination. Apparently the whooping cough vaccine I got as a child doesn’t last to help the baby and infants can’t be immunized against this one until 6 months. Working in a daycare with small children who do get the whooping cough put me at the top of their “we highly suggest this” list. The shot itself, though it went into the muscle of my arm, didn’t hurt at all but my arm did, as they said it would, feel like someone had punched me for the next two days! Zach got his at the public health department and our sets of parents will be getting it as well just to be smart.

Blood pressure good as always, baby’s heart loud and strong and steady in the 140’s and weight…well it was back down to what it had been before my gain last time. Haha what on earth!? All my info says baby is about 3 to 3 1/2 lbs. now so where is it? My only guess is that because I had a little weight to lose when I got pregnant I am having a counter-action. On the one hand I would naturally be gaining weight because I am pregnant and then on the other hand I would be losing it because I have been eating better, keeping up frequent workouts and not drinking. So maybe the two are counter-balancing? I’ve got to gain some at some point though. Early pregnancy I lost about 6 pounds and have since put that back on so I now weigh the same thing I did when I started so that’s something I suppose! Perhaps that’s where all the baby weight, placenta, blood flow, etc. lies right now?

One last thing, that doesn’t really relate to any of those topics but is a fun, baby update nonetheless. A family member gave me TONS of her old receiving blankets which I have passed on to my Grandma who is making them into cloth wipes for me! Hooray for sustainability, helping the environment and saving money!!


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