23 Jul

If this post is a quick combo of Mon-Tues-Weds can I just put an all encompassing “did gazelle each morning” so I don’t have to say it repetitively? Good. 🙂

Monday involved extra Bible study prep besides the usual cleaning because we were having a food party! Which basically means we still kind of do Bible study but basically eat tons of delicious food the whole time. 🙂 Our household was making guacamole (my husband’s specialty) and an enormous fruit salad that had me chopping up strawberries, fresh pineapple (the best!), cantaloupe and washing blueberries and grapes. I got the house even more spic and span than usual and when everyone showed up with food I was more than ready to eat!

I only had one large plate and a dessert plate but I definitely ate more than I usually do these days, I was fulllll. But it was all so. good. We did a little study and a lot of fellowship and it was just so fun. Once everyone had taken off Zach and I got in a quick neighborhood walk for just 15 minutes and then ran over to his Grandmother’s house to pick up some stuff. It’s all being cleaned out since she passed away back in April and it looks like quite the project.

By the time we got back home it was only 9:30 but I was so incredibly exhausted, more than I have been in ages. When I looked at my step count for the day on my Fitbit it was over 17,000. To put that in perspective I usually average between 12-15,000 during the week. So even with a shortened walk I packed in waaaaay more steps than usual just by being super busy all day. No wonder I was so tired!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/apple
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – salad, fruit, potatoes, chicken, chips & guac, 3 pie slivers

You are going to be seeing “fruit” a lot now on my food journals for the week because we had sooo much left over after Monday night’s party. So of course it was incorporated into my morning. The day trucked on like normal with a nice break in the middle for a doctor’s appointment. Good grief they come close together these days! I love it. Along with the usual stuff I got a whooping cough vaccine in my left arm. The shot itself didn’t hurt at all, needles have never bothered me, but they told me that later it would feel like someone punched me and they were right!

Back home I finished out the workday and ate leftovers from last week for dinner. Zach’s been really busy all the nights this week mostly getting things ready for Steven’s bachelor party in Lousiville this weekend (which means I have a girls weekend ahead!) so he was occupied for awhile. Netflix occupied me. 😉 When he took a break for awhile I coerced him into a 30 minute Greenway walk during which we swatted mosquitos and saw the same hawk, who flew dangerously close once!, two separate times.

A stop into Once Upon A Child produced 4 more new outfits for our little girl. 🙂 Mom came by with adorable closet markers she had made for the baby designating sections like 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc. etc. Those will be so helpful! It was so fun getting clothes up in Izzy’s closet. Then an ice cream snack + Once Upon a Time in the West. You’ll probably see that title several times because it is quite a long movie and we’re only watching it in increments since that’s all the old west we can handle each time.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit
  • Lunch – open-faced ww egg sandwich, fruit
  • Supper – veggies, chicken w/brown rice, mini ice cream

By this point I’ve decided I need to start taking more pictures for the blog, even if they are only of typical meals (like I used to do) just so that some of these catching up posts aren’t so bare!!

Another day of work with fruit thrown in. We’ve had a beautiful week this week, no rain at all and lots of outdoor time! Hooray! I got off late, which is always a little taxing, but then got myself over to Mom’s for bike riding and Bachelorette watching. Zach was busy the whole evening accomplishing things so it was just Mom, Dad and I for dinner. Like in the olden days, haha. I also helped Mom write on invitations for my family shower, yay! My Aunt Cindy is actually the one throwing it but Mom is sending out all the invites. That will be such an exciting upcoming event.

Zach didn’t get home until close to 9pm so we literally spent minutes together before I turned in for bed. I’ll be glad when this week + weekend are over with!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – fruit, 1 pc. ww cinnamon sugar tst
  • Lunch – salad, chips & guac
  • Supper – hominy, chicken w/rice, 1 cinnamon roll, bites of pie

402.5 miles.


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