22 Jul

So backing up to last Friday, I had a workday with a super-small group of only 4 kids accompanied by gazelle time, other indoor exercises and getting ready for a wedding. I didn’t have any time to spare because as soon as I was off work, Zach, our friend Josh (who we hadn’t seen in some time!) and I had to hightail it out of there to make a 6:30pm wedding that was half an hour away.


Remember our large friend Joshy who went to Florida with Hillary and us last summer?


He’s as goofy and fun as ever. The venue was a beautiful old barn out in the middle of nowhere. It looked incredibly rustic yet there were fun modern touches all over the place and it looked fantastic! The type of place I would get married if I were getting married now…

IMG_1862 IMG_3468

Upstairs to the quite warm loft we went to witness a nice, medium-length wedding. During which I ran video from my camera on a tripod because Haley had realized the night before that she didn’t have a videographer!!


Then it was downstairs where everything was open so we had good air flow and it was much more bearable. Even though rain threatened all night and it even thundered and lightning-ed in the distance we were fortunate enough to miss it entirely. A good thing since it was all open and we wandered in and out all night.



After a little waiting we got to eat the home-style buffet that was served for us. Dinner was fine but I had my eye on the real prize for later, the cake! Haha. The sky turned really beautiful with the combination of storm clouds, colorful clouds and sun shining through so we took the opportunity to get pictures, including Hillary in her bridesmaid’s dress!

IMG_3600 IMG_3605 IMG_1873


Soon cake was available and I had to make the tough decision of which flavor to try. I tell you, wedding cake is WHY I go to weddings. 😉 We also got some dancing in and apparently I am not too pregnant to “go down low” during the Cupid Shuffle. HA!


I also got to see Haley’s friend Mary, a long-time Facebook friend of mine, who is due one day before me with a little boy! Since we’re due date buddies we have been messaging off and on throughout pregnancy. It’s fun to have someone at the exact same stage as me all the time.


When everything wrapped up we saw the couple off with a sparkler send-off.


It was a nice wedding and a fun time and I was completely wiped out when I got home. Bed-time past 11 is not such an easy feat for me this year!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB, ww wrap w/cinnamon sugar
  • Lunch – salad, blueberries
  • Supper – green beans, 3/4 pulled pork sandwich, macaroni, 1 pc cake

Saturday morning didn’t go how I expected but that’s not to say it wasn’t good! Zach got up and had to go deal with something at a property and I slowly got myself moving and had just eaten half of a whole wheat hot dog bun slathered in PB&J when Zach showed back up. He took the remainder of my bun and ate it while proclaiming he didn’t want me to fill up because he wanted to take me to breakfast! Well that was a surprise and I wished I hadn’t started eating already but it least it wasn’t much.

We went to Sunshine Cafe where I got an egg stacker sandwich which had whole wheat toast, egg, bacon, cheese and peppers. I ate half of that and about 3/4 of my hashbrowns and then of course was SO. FULL. But it was fun for us to go to breakfast together to start the day. We did some running around to other stores afterwards which included Hobby Lobby to get a decorative metal “I” for Izzy’s wall and a DIY store where we found the perfect white bookshelf (at just the right price) to use in her closet. In the midst of store hopping I realized that to make it to yoga I’d have to head home immediately and not go to the other stores and I also would have a very limited amount of time at the pool. So I forewent yoga in favor of checking off some nursery-to-do’s and soaking up the sun which we hadn’t seen much of lately.

At the pool I floated and read and chatted with Vicki and generally loved being outdoors, even though it was so hot I was sweating! I couldn’t stay long because I needed to get back home for a doula meeting. This was Zach and I’s second session with Jenn and we discussed lots of aspects of labor and laboring positions and exercises to do to help baby not be breech and more. Every time I meet with her I come away so excited for our birth experience and so ready to get this little girl here! (Though not quite yet…)

The rest of the afternoon we spent painting the wood wall in the nursery and Ron and Vicki even came over and helped. Zach also picked up the bookshelf we’d purchased as well as closet bars and a shelf and he self-built a closet organizer for her. It is just how I envisioned it!! Always so nice to have such a handy guy around. When we finally stopped working for the day we were hungry. I’d stayed so incredibly full from our later breakfast that all I had in the afternoon was a big bowl of grapes, so an early dinner was much-needed. Off to Barn we went!


I had the Cajun Fried Chicken with corn relish which was moist and had great crispy skin but didn’t taste cajun at all. Perhaps they forgot the seasoning? Still good though and the pimento macaroni and cheese it came on top of was SO good.


Zach got a salad (that I ate most of and of course he ate a good portion of my food) and the Barn burger of the day which was a take on a BLT. It had some excellent bacon, tomato, bacon and tomato jam, fried mozzarella, a pesto mayo and of course the burger. Really, really good! We said it was probably our favorite burger we’ve had there!

The plan was to go for a walk after dinner by the river but when we left Barn the sky was BLACK and threatening rain. After quick thinking we decided to go to the mall to walk indoors and as we started getting closer the skies opened up and it turned into one massive storm. Stop lights blowing around, power on the main street flickering, insanely loud thunder and lightning hitting incredibly close to where we were. We parked as close as humanly possible and dashed into the mall, it was nuts! We walked the mall probably 10 to 15 minutes and I browsed dresses. I need to find some because my maternity pictures are coming up. This is a good husband right here-


Shouldering his wife’s heavy purse because she’s pregnant and slower than usual. 🙂 Then we realized it was now lovely out so we went back outdoors to walk around the outside of the mall to take the long way to our car.



Wild how fast the weather can change. Back home we relaxed for the evening with Netflix before getting to bed early. I still needed to catch up on sleep from the night before!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1/2 ww PB&J, hash browns, 1/2 egg stacker
  • Lunch – grapes
  • Supper – salad, 1 pc. fried chicken, pimento macaroni, bites of Zach’s burger

Sunday I taught at church in the morning and Zach and I had sooo many stores to hit after. We had to get the kid’s groceries, then our groceries, then some nursery stuff and then one more store for stuff we couldn’t find at the others! It was well past my lunch by the time we got back and I quickly threw something together.

We didn’t sit down for lunch long though, once our food was gone it was back into the nursery painting interspersed with some house cleaning. The day was full of working again pretty much up until dinner. Zach has been wanting to go to Puerto for quite awhile (probably ever since the last time we went haha) so I indulged him and got full so ridiculously fast that I couldn’t even finish my taco. Which I don’t think has ever happened in my life. When I’ve asked Zach what have been some of the biggest surprises this pregnancy, one of the things he always says is my appetite. Everyone warned him “Oh you will be running out to get her food all the time” or “She will eat everything off her plate and yours” and advice like that but it’s gone quite the other way. Not only did I never do the “can’t get enough to eat” and “constantly hungry” but I’ve gone straight to the “no room left for another bite” and Zach ends up cleaning my plate always instead of the other way around! He says he is going to gain more weight this pregnancy than me haha!

I still wanted my river walk that I never got the night before so we headed there next and it was a very nice evening out. There was some raft-like thing floating up ahead that we were constantly trying to catch up to. Having a “goal” like that, or having something distract you, really makes time fly because I’d been planning on a 20-25 minute walk and by the time we caught up to the raft we’d already walked 20 minutes…and still had to turn around and go back! Which meant it turned into a 42 minute walk. Oh well, good for us and for the baby!

I found room for a single scoop of ice cream after all the walking. 🙂 We went back home and started a new IMDB top 250 movie – Once Upon a Time in the West. Spaghetti westerns have never really been my cup of tea but it’s on the list, it’s on Netflix, so might as well knock it out. We watched that up until retiring for the night!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – peaches, 1 pc. cinn. sugar toast
  • Lunch – salad, strawberries
  • Supper – chips & queso, 3/4 chx. taco, small ice cream

394 miles.


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