14 Jul

Saturday was the first sunny day in forever and Zach and I had to spend all of it in a small, very cold room. At least we were checking off yet another thing on our baby to-do list – Childbirth Preparations class! I’ll write more in depth about the class in a baby post but I’ll just briefly gloss over it here.

We got up early and were at the education building of our hospital by 9am prepared to be there all day long. Class jumped right in and moved along steadily (with stretching and bathroom breaks of course) until 11:45 when we broke for lunch. Zach and I skipped the fast food options and went to Gene’s Root Beer Stand. We had a whole hour, might as well go somewhere fun! We had yummy drive-in food and I had a few delicious sips of Zach’s root beer float. A couple drinks is enough to satisfy me, I think that particular craving might have run it’s course.

We had 15 minutes left to kill when we were close to our class building so we soaked up any sun we could get by taking a short but lovely walk on a path by a small lake (large pond?). Then it was back to “school” until 3pm. At 3 we all drove to the hospital and took a tour of our birthing center and then were finally on our way home about 4pm. A long day!

Back at home Zach spent the next couple of hours finishing up building the dresser (quite the project!) while I planned a menu and then went for a 67 minute walk. During that time I covered 3 miles, took 3 sitting breaks (never had to do that before) and a few braxton hicks. I think it’s mostly due to walking way too fast in the beginning, I need to slow my pace down.

Zach was finished with the dresser and starting on the wood wall when I got home and was ready for food. We decided to go to Domo and got just 2 sushi rolls to share. Usually we get 3 but I knew I wasn’t hungry enough to eat more than the equivalent of one and Zach could just eat more food at home later. 🙂 Family stopped by to see our nursery progress once we got home and then we went for a drive and had ice cream. Ended the night with House and that was our busy Saturday!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes, 1 pc. ww tst. w/PB
  • Lunch – salad, 2 onion rings, coney dog, sips of root beer float
  • Supper – 1 sushi roll, 1 scoop ice cream

I was excited waking up Sunday morning because I knew I was having a little mini-shower that day!! All of my larger, official showers aren’t taking place until August but since family was visiting from Tennessee my Aunt Cindy wanted to have a little one at her house along with a cookout.

We went to church and then headed straight to Hartford City to Uncle Kip and Aunt Cindy’s house where Mom and Dad, Grandpa, Aunt Teresa (from TN), her son (my cousin) Sean + his wife Michelle and their kids Aurora, Anastasia and Michael were already setting up for the cookout. We had quite the spread and it was delicious. And you know I ate my share of mac and cheese when I saw it was Stouffer’s!! 😉

After food and visiting, Aunt Cindy kicked Zach and I out to the porch where we sat talking with Uncle Kip until things were party-ready and we were beckoned back inside. Aunt Cindy is the one throwing my large family shower in a month and a half and I felt so honored that she also wanted to have a little one while relatives were visiting.


She said I’d be getting plenty of cake and cupcakes in the showers to come so they had made me fruit cobbler, a lemon sponge cake and homemade ice cream. It was excellent!



Here are just a few pictures to share from throughout the shower-

IMG_1772 IMG_1774 IMG_1782 IMG_1812 IMG_1827

It was so fun getting to open things for Izzy and every single thing I get that is off our list is like a sigh of relief! One less thing to purchase on our own… Here was my haul for the day:


  • My diaper bag (!!)
  • sheets
  • muslin bibs
  • travel butt paste
  • moby wrap (!!)
  • book from my Dad “Thank You God for Mommy” 🙂
  • water temperature-sensitive bath duck
  • Johnson’s baby wash
  • catch-all bib (for later down the road)
  • Hooded owl towel
  • Pacifiers
  • Little booties
  • washcloths
  • spoons (for later as well)
  • nail clippers

Not bad for just a mini-shower!! So grateful.

Back at home Zach had to go mow and I went grocery shopping for our meals for the week. We both felt lazy when he got back so we watched some House before teaming up on dinner. Which was mostly Zach cooking really! We made shrimp fettucine ripped from a Cooking Light and I’ll share the basics but I’m not linking up or going into detail because I decided it was one I wouldn’t make again.

While whole wheat fettucine was cooking, Zach chopped up garlic and spinach and parmesan cheese.



I peeled raw shrimp before cooking them in a little oil and butter with S+P.


Garlic was cooked and then it was all thrown together including the spinach just until it wilted.


Topped with shaved parmesan.


It looked good and the shrimp were phenomenal but the rest of the dish was eh. A pasta dish doesn’t always have to have a designated sauce as long as it has enough flavor, but this recipe needed a sauce. Also the spinach was just too mushy for my tastes, perhaps we wilted it too much.


I have a fair amount of leftovers to eat up and I’m already thinking about using some marinara when I reheat it… After eating Zach got to work on the wood wall in the nursery and I touched up all the nail spots on the trim and painted her door and the trim around her door white. It’s all really coming together lately!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – mac and cheese, smoked sausage, fruit & dip, veggies & dip, cobbler + cake w/ice cream
  • Supper – shrimp pasta

379 miles.


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