12 Jul

I feel pretty lazy busy, so I thought I’d quickly bullet-point Thursday and Friday. After all, I don’t have any great pictures to share so why not keep it short and sweet?! 🙂 Except Thursday evening, I will write a bit on that part.

  • Gazelle
  • Work all day
  • Rain and gloom
  • Incorporate leftovers into my lunch
  • Feel tired and down due to weather and text that to Zach
  • Receive text back later that tells me he has the night planned to cheer me up 🙂
  • Get off work and look forward to husband time

Zach knew I had been feeling trapped this week because of all the rain and clouds and general gloominess and he was sweet to plan a small but different night for a more-fun-than-usual weeknight. He told me to get ready then asked if Izzy wanted mexican, irish food, diner food or breakfast. He apparently had a plan that coordinated with each of these places and what we’d do depended on what I picked. Ironically I had been thinking about breakfast as dinner earlier in the day and so that’s what I picked!

Instead of going somewhere around here that’s typical, Zach drove us to Cracker Barrel. The closest one to us is probably 20 minutes give or take and we hadn’t been to one in a really long time. My dinner may look like a lot because it had variety but I really only ate some of this and some of that. It was all good though and I was FULL by the time I finished. Next was a “we-don’t-care-that-it’s-drizzling” 30 minute walk all around Taylor University’s campus. Zach planned this to be built in rain or not (he brought an umbrella) as he knows how much I love getting activity in + walking after meals. We’d never walked all around this campus before and it was a nice time. 🙂

Last stop of the night was at Ivanhoe’s since he knows ice cream always makes me a happy girl but the combination of a line way out the door and still being very full led us to just head back home instead. It wasn’t much but anything that breaks away from the norm is nice sometimes! We had laughed and called it our “old person” night since most of the people at Cracker Barrel were over 60 and then we shunned a treat because of “too many kids in line” and we capped it off by going to bed by 9pm because we were both extra tired for some reason! Haha old people indeed. 😉

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal, blueberries
  • Lunch – salad w/half a pc. lemon chicken
  • Supper – 2 eggs, 1 pc ww tst, 1 pc. bacon, 1/4 sausage patty, 1/2 pc. ham, 1/2 small hashbrowns, bites of pancake

Friday was more of the same but at least we had family coming in to look forward to!

  • Gazelle
  • Zach shows up from picking me up more prenatal vitamins with a Concannon’s doughnut so I downsize my planned breakfast to incorporate it 🙂
  • Work
  • Gloom and sprinkles, but thankful that it was Friday
  • Get off work and the sun breaks through for the first time in days!
  • Go for a 1.5 mile neighborhood walk
  • Get ready and get picked up by Mom to go to Aunt Cindy’s (Dad and Zach were both busy this night so it was just us girls heading over)
  • Family from Tennessee, minus John and Heather unfortunately, arrived at Aunt Cindy’s same time as us
  • Order Pizza King
  • Eat and visit until we realize it’s almost 9:30!!
  • Get back home where Zach is already there working on the dresser
  • Help with the dresser until close to 11 and then pass out!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – small yogurt w/strawberries, 1/2 doughnut
  • Lunch – salad, potato salad
  • Supper – 3 pcs. Pizza King, chips & dip, veggies & dip, small slice cake

375.5 miles


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