10 Jul

I wanted to write another Baby Bean post but didn’t have a specific topic so I thought I’d just ramble and do a little stream of consciousness.

First of all, and very exciting, Isabelle has just recently started getting hiccups! Or rather I am just now noticing this. I couldn’t even figure out what it was at first because it was like I was getting kicked but in a rhythmic pattern in the same spot over and over and over. When it lasts for nearly 2 minutes and has a pace I know it’s not random kicking! So cute.

On the exercising-while-pregnant front I’ve still been doing really well on all things except RUNNING. I don’t even know the last time I ran… I do know that on a walk last week I started to run and probably made it less than a quarter of a mile because a) I had to pee so unbelievably bad and b) it was fairly uncomfortable! I know some people run all the way up to the end and I may give it one more shot but I’m not sure it’s my best form of cardio these days. I have been getting braxton hicks contractions since about 24 weeks (not regularly at all though, no cause for worry!) and running is one of the things that brings one on. It’s not easy to run when your uterus is cramped up all tightly! Otherwise it’s been good – gazelle every weekday, triceps dips, push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, yoga and indoor bike all going strong and with the exception some of the rainier days, walking has been going well too. Plan on keeping up every bit that I can right until labor!

Knock on something wooden for me please because since my bout with hemorrhoids in early June (?), I haven’t had any trouble with symptoms really! Yeah I get heartburn if I eat too much in one sitting and shortness of breath is definitely a common thing for me, but as far as the really awful ones have gone I’ve been doing great. I know things are bound to become a little uncomfortable and difficult as the 3rd trimester progresses but so far so good!

I am LOVING Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth book. It is so wonderful to read positive, inspiring stories of woman after woman who has gone through labor naturally and drug-free and had a good experience. While pain is very real and I know I don’t even have a clue yet, so much of it seems to be mental as well. I think this is where having a doula is going to come in very handy. She will help so much with keeping my mental state focused and goal-oriented. Zach and I have no prior knowledge or experience obviously so to have someone be calm and know what’s going on is going to mean so much to me! I can’t say I am not a little nervous and anxious about labor – how long it will take, how intense the pain will be, if the baby is okay, etc. etc. but I am trusting God, my body, my doula and my doctor to help me get through this in the best way I possibly can!

My due date is 75 days away. I’m 29 weeks and 2 days along and 6 1/2 months. It’s just mind-boggling to me how fast and slow 2015 has moved so far. I am SO beyond excited to meet our daughter but also want her to hang in there because we still have loads to do! As long as she waits until after 37 weeks to come I will be a happy momma. Of course knowing how first time pregnancies usually go, I am expecting not to meet her until a week or so after my due date. Just being mentally prepared!

I have a couple of showers on the calendar now so that is exciting! I am really anxious to have those and see what I get so I know what we are still in need of before little girl arrives. Babies need so much stuff but I’m trying to be careful about not registering for/stocking up on stuff that either seems unnecessary or that you don’t even know if you will actually need or use. Around 11 weeks (give or take) to go…


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