9 Jul

My whole life growing up my mom and dad always referred to the summer Mom was pregnant with me as “the hottest summer ever”. Well I definitely will have a distinction for my pregnant summer as well – “the rainiest summer ever”. No joke. I cannot remember a summer as rainy as this one! All the crops are stunted, there has been flooding everywhere and I’ve had to keep the kids cooped up inside more days than not. Honestly the worst part is that it will get chilly before we know it and because of all the indoor time it will barely feel like we ever had a summer. Baby Izzy is the bright spot in this otherwise dreary season!!

Back on Monday it was the one day of this week that wasn’t rainy. I did my gazelle and proceeded with a typical Monday. I was not getting hungry at lunch-time at all. It’s been weird this week, almost slightly first trimester-like with food because I have been doing that thing where most food just do not sound good and I’ve even been nauseous off and on. I suppose that happens sometimes. Finally I ate some leftover cookout food – potato salad and a piece of cookie. *Disclaimer- anytime you see “cookie” on the food journal in this post, it’s pieces of one of those giant cookies you buy at the store. We had a lot left after the cookout and while I managed to pawn some off on our friends Sunday night, Zach and I still ended up with a good amount. Which is dangerous!*

I cleaned for Bible study and we spent the whole afternoon outdoors as I knew it was our last chance for quite some time. I also finished up making chapter notes on Isaiah 31 as that was Zach and I’s chapter for the week. Bible study was a nice, though small this week, time of learning and discussion and talking. Then Zach and I were eating leftovers (the last of the pesto veggie pizza) and spending more time in the nursery. Watched some more Defiance, took a drive and…is it bad that I already am having a hard time remembering what we did just 3 days ago? Pregnancy brain?! Well, I know we did random stuff and then went to bed. 🙂

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/strawberries
  • Lunch – potato salad, cookie
  • Supper – pesto pizza, cookie

The rain was back come Tuesday morning. Also, this will sound repetitive to say but I had a small group this week. Haha, I know I say that a lot but that’s what happens come summer-time. This week I had 2 kids out on vacation. The rest of us had a typical day (more cookie found it’s way to me at lunch…this is why I don’t keep snacks around!) and were confined inside like prisoners. After work Zach and I got more done in the nursery – put the now-painted trim back up, went to Lowes and bought new light switch and socket covers and put those on too. With every step it’s looking better and better. Did I mention in a past post that we had bought new blinds and installed them too? Because we did.

I wasn’t hungry for anything but pasta (told you, 1st trimester!) so Zach and I went for a drive and got some dinner. We finally finished Defiance and it was great! It’s a true story which made everything so much more intriguing and of course when we were done I had to google things about the Bielski Otriad and more new-to-me WWII facts. Before bed we read Izzy a book. 🙂 We’ve almost gone through every Dr. Seuss book I own which is a fair bit due to having a daycare!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – PB + honey ww wrap, grapes
  • Lunch – blueberries, turkey dog, cookie
  • Supper – 2 1/2 breadsticks, alfredo bake

Wednesday = more drenching rain. At least I had some things throughout the day to make it more interesting. Started out a typical morning with gazelle and breakfast and kids but then at noon Vicki came to take over. First Zach ran me downtown so I could get fingerprinted, an every-3-year occurrence that is a bit of a pain but much less so now that they do it electronically!! When I first started it was in the days of going down to the police station and being fingerprinted with ink. It took forever, mistakes were common, there was no way to know if your prints were acceptable and you might be called to come back in and your fingers were stained forever! Plus the added benefit of looking like you just got arrested… 😉

We had a little extra time to kill before we had to head to Anderson to my doctor’s appointment so we decided to grab lunch to eat in the car and Zach took me to Pita Pit down on campus. I had never ever been to a Pita Pit and it was really quite delicious! I got some type of chicken with hummus in a whole wheat pita and loaded it with veggies and it tasted healthy, fresh and really, really good. Gonna have to go there again. We ate them on the way to see our OB. The appointment was a quick one, just the usual stuff though I actually gained a little bit of weight finally!! Not much, but anything counts. 🙂 Baby’s heart was good and before we knew it we were saying see you in two weeks and heading back home.

I finished up the workday with the kids then went to Mom’s to ride the bike for half an hour. Dinner was just the two of us (Zach showed up later) and we ate taco pork chops, alfredo angel hair and zucchini + peppers in front of Bachelorette. Good dinner! Then when Zach got there and ate she and I got on my online registry to make some tweaks + add some items. Can’t wait to start having showers. 🙂 Zach and I watched Friends and had ice cream at home before going to bed early, I was tired!! Oh! And after the baby appointment Zach got my rocker + foot stool built and put in the nursery!! It looks wonderful!

-Clearly the rain has hindered the majority of my cardio schedule! (Think I have said that before…) I am afraid if this keeps up I am going to need to get myself to the gym to get some cardio in. The gym has just not been appealing since I got pregnant and I’ve been fortunate that I have been able to do so much outdoor exercising but if the rain doesn’t die down I’m going to have to take this back indoors!-

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 sl. ww tst w/jam, pear
  • Lunch – 3/4 chx. pita
  • Supper – pork chop, veggies, pasta, mini ice cream

370 miles.

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