7 Jul

We have not had the nicest summer weather-wise by any means, but thankfully 4th of July weekend was beautiful!! Saturday dawned sunny and warm and I was excited about the prospects nice weather holds. Zach set out to mow lots of yards and I cleaned up our house which desperately needed it. How is it that it never seems to stay clean? He’d barely gotten back home when I headed out the door for a pre-yoga walk. It was a LOVELY morning to walk by the river and I did so for 30 minutes while talking to Kori who was experiencing down-pouring rain in Georgia.

When my half hour was up I made my way to prenatal yoga where I was the only one!! We had a sub teaching that day too and I told her it was fine if she had other things to do since I was the lone yogi but she was insistent that we continue on. It was actually a really great class just the two of us, nice to work one on one on a lot of things and it was basically just tailored to me. Right at the beginning she had us on our backs against the wall and she says, “I am okay with you being on your back since you aren’t in your third trimester yet” and I had to laugh and say, “Actually I am!” She was shocked and asked “where in the world I was keeping that baby”. 🙂 My compact little girl.

Back home was leftovers for lunch and then pooooool time. Mom came over and got me and we soaked up the sun pool-side at my in-laws. Thank goodness for the clouds that were interspersed because it was getting HOT in the direct sun. The pool was chilly but I still got in a few times just because I needed to cool off so badly. After a bit Zach and Dad came and joined us and it felt very “holiday-weekend” like. Here’s my 28 1/2 week pregnant bikini body:

IMG_1709 IMG_1712

Definitely not model-status I know but I have to admit I’m decently pleased with it! I expected to be a bit more whale-sized by the time I hit 3rd trimester…


Love getting the two of us some sun and pool time. 🙂 Zach and I went and got some tools after this so he could do some more nursery work while I think I worked on a blog post? We were hungry earlier than usual (thanks to the sun most likely) and decided to get something different for dinner. Down on campus we have a local joint called Greek’s Pizzeria that neither of us had been to in years and years. It was a good choice because we were about the only people there and it was good to boot! I really thought I took my camera and got some pictures but apparently not… We ordered garlic cheese bread which came with 8 slices (I had 2) and then their signature white pizza topped with pepperoncinis and tomato on one half, sausage on the other. I only had 2 of these as well and was stuffed. I probably could have done with 1 but it tasted so good I ate 1 more which managed to keep me full the rest of the night. I initially had plans for a snack later but never had room for one!

Once we finished dinner we decided to continue our evening out at the putt-putt course for a round of mini-golf. Playing on a course that is overgrown and in pretty bad shape is quite interesting and Zach and I had our share of laughs at how awful some of our putts were. He did beat me but I wasn’t terribly far behind! It was a fun, free activity to do on our 4th of July evening. We had a little down-time at home but not long because we needed to figure out what we were doing for the fireworks. I was really not loving the idea of fighting the crowds and it taking forever to get home after but my husband found the perfect solution! He managed to take some backroads to get into downtown (the main roads were blocked off) and found a parking lot where we could sit on our car and see perfectly but have a good escape route. We had time to kill and decided to walk around and check out the scene. The sky was beautiful and people were releasing paper lanterns right and left, I just love those!



Our bridge, which is directly across from where the fireworks are set off was absolutely packed with people.


I don’t care if it is the greatest view ever, at least this year being pregnant, I did NOT want to be in a massive crowd and fight my way home! It was fun to walk around though and find people we knew, even some family members, before I made us head back downtown so I could find somewhere to use the bathroom, haha.


When it was show-time we hopped on the front of our car and enjoyed one of the longest fireworks displays Muncie has ever put on. I think like 26 or 28 minutes?

IMG_1740 IMG_1743

I have been some interesting places for the 4th over the past few years (Atlanta, Niagara Falls, Maui…) but regardless of where I am I love just getting to snuggle up with my husband and take them in. It was a great 4th and we made it out much easier than most of the people who’d trucked down there to see the show. Good for this girl to get home and in bed!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 pc. ww tst w/PB, strawberries
  • Lunch – salad, small amount of leftover pasta
  • Supper – 2 pcs. cheese bread, 2 pcs. pizza

I never need to set an alarm these days on the weekend, I can’t ever sleep past 8:30 typically! We had to run to the store before church because we needed to pick up stuff for a cookout later in the day and wouldn’t have time to go otherwise. So we decided to get doughnuts from Concannon’s too. 🙂

After church it was out to Zach’s Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a family get-together/fishing tournament that Zach put together. We had a good turn-out from Zach’s Dad’s side of the family including some surprise visitors from down south! The day was hot and the mosquitos were out but it didn’t stop us from having a fun time. First up was food – everyone brought some typical cookout stuff to contribute and we feasted. I was pretty glad to see watermelon there because it’s just not summer without watermelon and this was the first time this year I’d had any!

Once we’d eaten and chatted a bit it was time for the fishing to begin! Each fish was worth 1 point and bass were worth 2. There’d be a prize for the most points of fish caught and a prize for the biggest fish caught. Thankfully the day got fairly overcast so we had some protection and relief from the sun. Family was scattered all around the pond with poles, some fishing with lures, some with worms (I fall into that crowd) and some even fishing with minnows. Over the couple of hours we fished there were a LOT of fish caught! Mostly sunfish and bluegill but a fair share of bass too. In fact, Zach ended up winning for most fish because even though some other people technically caught more in number, all of his fish were bass!

I caught a really good-sized bass early on but it wasn’t enough to win! It was the longest fish of the day at 15 1/8″ but was .8 lbs. and someone caught a 1 1/4 pounder later on. It was still exciting to catch such a big fish though. We had a lot of fun and I ended up parking it in a chair for the last half hour or so next to Grandpa Bob because my legs needed a break. When all was said and done Zach got some help from his dad and grandpa to cut some floor planks for the nursery and he completely finished up the floor when we got home. It looks so wonderful!! We had almost no time at home after the fishing day though because we had to get ourselves over to Nick’s in time for the women’s World Cup championship game against Japan. Less than 16 minutes in and we’d scored like 4 times. What in the world. The game, watched with several friends, ended up being an anti-climatic 5-2 but we were so excited to watch a big win for the USA! A good time with people we don’t see that often right now along with a Steak ‘n Shake run at half-time. 🙂 What a close out to a very full and fun 3-day weekend!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – blueberries, doughnut
  • Lunch – blueberries, potato salad, bunless hot dog, watermelon, couple chips, apple pie, cookie
  • Supper – jalapeño melt sandwich, fries w/cheese

363.5 miles.


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