5 Jul

It always bums me out a bit when you have a recipe that is more time-intensive and you have really high hopes for and then it turns out so-so. Which is what happened Thursday. First though I woke up, very pleased with the knowledge that it was my Friday, and got my gazelle time in. Due to the upcoming holiday weekend I had a pretty small class which made for a laid back kind of day. With only one piece of coffee cake left, I decided to save it and made some oatmeal with diced up apple instead. I had a near empty peanut butter jar so I got to eat it out of that which always makes an extra-special bowl jar!

Had a good and easy day and even got a cookie in the afternoon due to a kid’s birthday- score! When I was off I set to work on the dinner of the night – Lemon Chicken from Double Delicious. One thing that I love about this cookbook is that every recipe uses a veggie puree (this one had cauliflower) which means extra veggies to ramp up the healthiness factor. This dinner had me quite busy since it felt like everything needed to be done at one time so I didn’t get any photos of the process. Here’s what I did though –

  1. Sauteed 1 TBS of garlic in oil. Once browned add chicken broth bring to boiling and reduce the mixture by half. Add lemon juice
  2. Combine cornstarch and water and slowly stir into the boiling chicken broth. Once thickened add cauliflower puree (which I made using my new blender!) and parsley (I used dried since I didn’t buy any fresh). Cover to keep warm and set aside
  3. Meanwhile heat more olive oil in a skillet. Whisk egg whites and egg in one bowl and combine flour, salt and garlic powder on a large plate. Dredge each chicken cutlet through seasoned flour and then coat in egg mixture. Cook in oil both sides until no longer pink. Add lemon sauce and cook a few more minutes.

I made a salad to go with my chicken.


We set up dinner with House and dug in. This is where I decided the chicken was fine, was good but not that good.


For the work that went into it and how flavorful I thought it would be, it just didn’t measure up! So sadly I’ll be chalking this one up as not-make-again. The evening was a nice one and after dinner it was time for a walk. We took a good 40 minutes going through downtown Muncie and by the river. It’s always so much nicer to have someone to walk and talk with. And hold hands with. 🙂 The walk was followed by a short drive and a stop by Insomnia Cookies to pick up a snack. Despite my strong pull to watch more House, we picked out a Netflix movie instead. We started the WWII era (one of my favorite movie genres) Defiance and watched as much as I could handle before I had to get some sleep!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – apple oatmeal 
  • Lunch – blueberries, 1 pc. pesto veggie pizza, 1 cookie
  • Supper – salad, chicken, 1 deluxe cooke w/ 1/2 scoop ice cream

I may not have slept much later than I usually would on Friday morning, but there is something about knowing you don’t have to work that makes getting up infinitely easier. We ate some breakfast and didn’t waste any time, I was going to make my day off count!! Zach had looked up a few garage sales in nicer areas of Indy that were selling baby things so we took off for our first stop in the Geist area. Unfortunately the people hosting this one apparently had no idea how to get spit-up stains out of clothes because every single article practically was covered. I am not talking just a little stained (because c’mon, most baby things get a little stained), I mean all-out destroyed. Why do they think people would want to buy those? Haha. I did manage to pull two cute outfits that looked pretty good from the mess so it wasn’t a total loss.

We stopped into the Geist area Goodwill quickly but nothing. On to Carmel! We struck gold at this second sale. Everything was in great condition, better prices even than the first sale and this mom had great taste. I came away with a few cute outfits and several great sleepers which was good because I hadn’t really gotten any of those yet. Zach found this soft, little, bunny-eared jacket that he became incredibly attached to and insisted we buy. 🙂 I probably wouldn’t have picked it out but the fact that he loved it so much and wanted it for Izzy made me love it too. 🙂 Carmel Goodwill was next which didn’t have much to offer either but I did snag a cute onesie. Last baby stop of the day – Buy Buy Baby to use up a gift card from my in-laws! I got a nursing bra (gah! time is flying!) that I absolutely love. I also bought a little dress on clearance that should fit her next summer that is to die for. Very pleased!

Lunch was downtown Indy at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to take Zach to ever since I went there with Leah a good year + ago, Rook. Rook serves up vietnamese-style street food that is authentic, fresh, creative and excellent. I was disappointed that their steamed pork buns are only a dinner thing (gonna have to go back…) but it was still a superb meal. Zach got a karaage (?) rice bowl that had some type of delicious chicken, aromatic rice, cilantro, mint, red pepper, onion and maybe some other things and it was excellent.


I got a bulgogi beef bahn mi on some really great bread with jalapeño and cilantro and some type of cabbage slaw.


Also wonderful!! It was huge and I just half of course. We got their dessert called turon which was a fried plantain in some type of sugary shell. It was very small which was great since I was stuffed!


We went for a little walk around the Fletcher Place area to digest before leaving Indy behind and heading home. Nursery projects were up on the schedule next and we really started trying to figure out the logistics for the wood wall Zach is building. It’s quite the process and we had thought we were going to be using pallets so Zach had already been collecting some and taking them apart (which is a HUGE job). Once we researched using them further we discovered just how many things about this would be difficult and time-consuming and just generally a lot harder than we wanted it to be. So we did some quick pinterest-ing and google-searching and decided to use fence planks instead and before we knew it we’d found some at Lowes, picked up a bigger van, bought the planks (at a very cheap sale price!) and got them home and drying out in the back yard (because they were treated). I’ll take a $50 budget cut to save the hours upon hours of work that we would have otherwise.

We finished up just in time for Mom and Dad to take us out to dinner. 🙂 Earlier in the day Dad had asked Mom, “What are the kids doing for dinner tonight?!” There’s nothing he likes quite so well as going out and eating with his family. So we ended up on the patio at Brothers since it was a nice evening and thankfully not that busy. We figured it would be near impossible to get in anywhere on the Friday before the 4th of July. We started off with a cheese fry appetizer that all 4 of us shared.



I ate a small plate of them and they were good but I couldn’t have any more or I knew I wouldn’t eat my dinner! I got a spinach tortellini that came with a breadstick.



In typical fashion I boxed half of it up. It was just an average pasta but it still sufficed for a meal! When we’d finished Dad took us all for a drive trying to convince us that we wanted ice cream. Which we did not, haha. When Zach and I got back home we watched a little of Defiance but decided we didn’t feel like sitting and watching something. This led to us grabbing some small fireworks that Zach had stashed in a box from years past and going to a big gravel parking lot near our house to set them off. Here’s Zach with a roman candle-



And of course I enjoyed the sparklers 🙂


We also set off bottle rockets and a couple small fountains and THEN we ate some ice cream. 🙂 It ended up being a really productive but also fun-filled day off!!


Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – strawberries, THE LAST PIECE of coffee cake
  • Lunch – 1/2 bahn mi, 1/2 fried plantain
  • Supper – fries, 1/2 breadstick, 1/2 pasta, mini ice cream

362 miles.


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