2 Jul

I am so thrilled that today is my Friday! The weather actually looks pretty good for this holiday weekend and I plan to make the very most of it.

Tuesday I brought back the coffee cake for breakfast (only a few small pieces left!) and did my gazelle. Is it bad that right now I am drawing an absolute blank on what happened during the day? I mean obviously I watched kids and I do remember that it was sunny in the afternoon but we still had to stay in because the ground was so saturated, but otherwise I just can’t recall! I suppose this means it was a fairly average, boring day. Oh! I DID chop some vegetables at nap-time for dinner that night-


I had come close to making this recipe for Pesto Veggie Pizza from Taste of Home several times and I am SO glad that I finally did! Sadly, even though I can usually find TOH recipes online, I couldn’t find this one to link up to. I didn’t make it exactly how it said to though so it doesn’t matter too much. I was supposed to make a crust that sounded herby and delicious but also very time-consuming so I said maybe next time and bought a refrigerator crust instead! I prepped broccoli, green peppers and garlic in the afternoon and it was all ready in convenient little containers for when I made the pizza right after work.

I steamed 3 1/2 cups of spinach down and look at how small of an amount that turns into!


Barely a 1/4 cup! I took this + prepared pesto and whirred them together in the food processor to make my base to go on the dough.


Yum! I loooove pesto. Next I layered on my veggies (garlic included) and didn’t use the green onion the recipe called for.


Lastly it was topped with mozzarella cheese and popped in the oven to bake while I took a fast shower. Luckily Zach got done showering before me (showering together conserves water! ;)) and jumped out to pull the pizza from the oven. If I’d waited to get it until I got out I imagine our crust would have been a little too extra-crispy.


It looked and smelled wonderful but I’ll tell you what, it tasted even better!


This was a huge success!! I had wondered if it would seem to dry but it didn’t at all. The pesto made the perfect backdrop for the veggies and it was all cooked perfectly and even the crust was good (you know, for store-bought). 😉


I had a little bit extra after my piece was gone and Zach ended up eating something like 3 pieces. Definitely one to add to the “make-again” category. We ate with Friends before taking a walk by the river. The water is still SO high that it’s crazy. You could tell that just in the day or two before it had even been up over the path in spots and it was moving so much faster than usual. Very pleasant weather for our 21 minutes and I would have liked to walk even longer but we had to high-tail it home (ice cream included) to watch the US women’s team play Germany in the semi-finals of the world cup. I started working a puzzle (been on a kick lately) that is pretty much every kind of chocolate candy imaginable and doesn’t have a picture to follow which makes it challenging. What’s up with all my puzzles being food related? Haha. The game was a good, close match with us winning 2-0 but we never felt solid about winning until the last couple of minutes; tight game! Now that means we are playing in the championship game against Japan on Sunday!!! I don’t really enjoy women’s soccer typically (I know, I know such a slam to my gender but I’m just not a huge fan) but I am totally calling myself a bandwagon fan. I mean c’mon people, it’s the World Cup! That’s some serious history right there. I’ve watched enough now I can even pick out all the major players. 🙂

You can guess what was next once the game wrapped up! Did you guess bed? Because you were right.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, 2 small plums
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – veggie pizza, small ice cream

Wednesday morning I was very pleased to see a forecast that wasn’t full of rain for the next few days. Hopefully that holds true… Did the gazelle, ate my all-too-familiar breakfast and launched into another workday. I used to eat omelettes or some form of eggs quite regular for lunch, at least weekly, but haven’t really desired them that much since getting pregnant. I decided it would be a good, healthy, protein-packed thing to put back in my roster though so I made myself a veggie omelette for lunch and it was a good choice! I need to phase those back in.

We got to go outside in the afternoon!! Sad that that is such a celebration when it is now JULY but hey, we’ve been majorly cooped up as of late. Once my last kiddo left I went to Mom’s where I spent 30 minutes riding the bike and seriously recognizing that it had been two weeks since the last time I did that (since we didn’t have dinner over there last week). A good workout always! It was just Mom, Zach and I for supper, poor Daddy has worked late every night this week. We had BLTs which I hadn’t eaten in quite awhile and they tasted wonderful- the bacon especially! After Zach fixed Mom’s internet it was home for cuddling and puzzle-working and House. I am so glad we started that show – it is ridiculously good. And with that it was another day down, another day closer to meeting our daughter…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, nectarine (still trying to get rid of those too!)
  • Lunch – veggie omelette, strawberries
  • Supper – soup, BLT

358.5 miles


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