1 Jul

Latest Baby Bean post- I’m going to do an Izzy update and then write about that delicious glucose test from my last appointment.

When last I wrote, I was 24 weeks pregnant and Bean was an eggplant. Now I am 28 weeks and into my third and final trimester! Big accomplishment!! Isabelle has since graduated from eggplant to napa cabbage, butternut squash, bunch of bananas and now – a coconut! Not so sure about the accuracy of some of those haha. With my weekly updates I get now they really don’t have all that much to say about baby’s development. This is because for the most part she is practically done developing and now is just down to growing and putting on fat. She’s something like 16 inches crown to foot and around 2.5 pounds. A few important changes that have taken place over the last few weeks are that her eyes have opened (blue? brown? what color will they be?!), she produces surfactant which makes her lungs work on her own (a huge relief to have develop because if she were born now her chances are sooo much better), she can almost completely regulate her body temperature (another important thing to develop before birth) and she can hear us, sense light and even dream!

Last Thursday, at 27 weeks and 1 day Zach FINALLY felt our baby move!! I had been waiting for this for weeks. Normally people start feeling the baby from the outside much earlier but with the combination of my anterior placenta plus what my doctor has termed my “muscle corset” and my slighter smaller than average baby, it’s taken awhile. It was in the morning before all my kids showed up and I went and lay down next to him in the bed when I felt a good-sized kick. I immediately put his hand over that spot and a second later I felt another but I didn’t say anything about it I just looked at him. His face lit up and he asked, “Was that her?!” and then proceeded to leave his hand there for several minutes even though I told him he probably wouldn’t get another. He was so happy about it though and I was so excited he got to experience it. She kicks me all the time now and they are definitely stronger than they have been up to this point. They are still typically “inside only” kicks but there the frequency of the ones that can be felt on the outside is growing. I’ve even been able to stare at my stomach and see it move a few times! Mom also got to feel the baby last Friday night so that was another milestone. She had been dyyyyying for that moment. Glad my little girl is growing!

Now for my last doctor’s appointment. It came just two weeks after the one prior to it because I am now at the point where I go every two weeks which is crazy! Sure makes time go fast. I showed up, weighed in (EXACT same weight to the decimal as two weeks prior…what in the world), got my blood pressure (110/60) which has always been fine, provided my urine sample (which has never been a problem haha) and then met with our OB. It was really quite a short visit with her as there wasn’t much to talk about! I hadn’t had any complications thank goodness and she didn’t have any concerns. We talked a little about kicking and how now was the point where she wanted me to start paying attention to making sure I was getting around 10-12 movements a day which is one more thing to think/try not to worry about. Some days I don’t even think about it because she moves so consistently but other days there will be loooooong stretches where I start going, “Okay baby, move for me!” Thankfully she always has so far but my OB said if ever I am too worried and it’s been too long and she won’t move to come in and they will hook me up to a fetal monitor. Other than that we listened to the baby’s heartbeat (strong in the 150’s) and said see you in two weeks!

My time at Community North wasn’t done for the day though, I headed down to the lab for the infamous and often dreaded glucose test. They have you drink a sugary concoction, wait one hour and then get blood drawn so they can test it for signs of gestational diabetes or anemia. When I checked in they asked me to choose my drink flavor, either lemon-lime or orange. She said it would basically taste like a flat soda. Well you know how I feel overall about pop and beverages in general…they both sounded gross to me. I chose lemon-lime thinking of sprite but really it was more like flat mellow-yellow. They brought it to me, at least it was cold!, and told me I had 5 minutes from the time I started drinking it. I took a sip and it was thick like corn syrup and honestly pretty disgusting I thought. I knew right then in there that the longer I took to drink it the worse it would be so I chugged the whole thing down in about 15 seconds flat, haha. I wasn’t allowed to leave the lobby or eat or drink but thankfully I was allowed to use the restroom! Zach and I had brought books since we knew we were in for a wait and I alternated reading with watching the minutes tick by. I was crashing from the drink quickly and felt tired and a little dizzy when they finally called me back for the blood draw.

Keep in mind now that every time I have ever had my blood drawn I have been a “first stick” type person. Not this time. There were two lab girls in there with us and the first one found a vein in my right arm, stuck me, and couldn’t get blood. The other girl came over, found a vein in my left arm, stuck me, and…same thing. Now I am not a baby at all and honestly don’t mind needles or shots too much. Neither stick even hurt too bad but when the second girl started moving the needle around under my skin trying to hit the vein, that hurt a bit. They said my veins kept rolling and they called in a third worker who stuck me in my right arm again. This time she hit the vein but this one hurt the most! It was inserted RIGHT next to where my first stick had been and it felt pretty raw and sore plus I was taking deep breaths trying not to pass out. When they finally finished and got my two vials of blood and wrapped up both arms I walked to the car verrrry slowly with Zach praying that I passed my test and wouldn’t have to do the next one. If you fail the first test (which can happen for a number of reasons) you have to take a second, more intensive one that involves fasting and getting like 4 sticks over a 3 hour period. That just sounds incredibly awful! Thankfully they called me the next morning and said I passed!! No gestational diabetes and no anemia. And I said thank you to God for more indicators of a safe and healthy pregnancy. 🙂 Only about 12 weeks to go…


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