30 Jun

Just got some great, unexpected news today – I don’t work on Friday!! Here I’d been lamenting that I am always on vacation over the 4th so I never get to count it as an extra day closed and then this year when I’m actually home it falls on a Saturday. Well turns out all of my families are off on Friday and no one is bringing their kids so I get a day off after all, hooray!! I foresee looooots of baby stuff getting done that day. 🙂

Let’s go back to Saturday. After being gone last weekend, it was so lovely to get back to yoga on Saturday. Every week I am loving this practice more and more. It’s such a great time to prepare for childbirth and work on flexibility and being limber and just an important hour of self-reflection and calm. While I was being zen, Zach was at my parents on the roof helping Dad chop off all the branches they could to get some weight off the house. I went over after yoga to see the tree damage in daylight…

IMG_0427 IMG_0432 IMG_0437


Pictures don’t even do justice to the devastated back porch awning and the neighbor, Bill’s, corner of the house. While the men worked I hung out inside with Mom and ate her food for lunch. 🙂 They had a piece of leftover egg and sausage casserole from a brunch that was delicious! When Zach had done all he could help with we went home and worked hard in the nursery. Before he could put our new wood laminate floor in, we had to lay a plastic moisture barrier down which involved lots of precise cutting to get it to fit the whole room and closet just right. Everything is one more step completed… I planned out our menu for the week and we had the briefest amount of time to just chill out on the couch and cuddle before it was off to our separate lives again! He had to ref back to back soccer games and then was having a guys poker night so I was spending my evening with Mom who needed to get out of her tree covered house and have a distraction.

We wanted to go somewhere different so we decided to attempt making it outside Hartford City to go to Tin Lizzy. I say attempt because with all the flooding the night before we weren’t sure if all the roads would be accessible! We made it though and it was a great choice. Tin Lizzy is a little, quirky diner-ice cream joint that has been around as long as I can remember. My grandpa used to take me there for ice cream when I was little and we’d sit in a train car that they had inside. I thought that was the coolest. 🙂 A perfect Saturday night dinner place because it’s cheap, not busy and portions are plentiful! So plentiful that Mom and I shared a meal. I was so hungry I didn’t remember about taking a picture until it was almost gone. Oops. That seems to be a pregnant problem… We got an order of fried zucchini sticks then shared a Frito dog basket – a huge, juicy hot dog topped with chili and cheese and fritos with a side of potato salad and ribbon fries. Good ol’ diner food. I even splurged and got a bottled soda! I am not a pop fan really at all, but if I’m going to get one, a glass bottle is the way to go.


As we were approaching Mom’s coming home she expected the tree to be gone as workers had been there when she had left a couple of hours ago. The weight of the tree on Bill’s house and part of theirs was so massive and great that it needed to come down ASAP before it did further damage and crushed things worse. Well we pulled up at her house…and nothing. Apparently the job was too big for what the tree people brought so they said they’d get other equipment and be back later. So far they hadn’t come back. This was no good because at this point Mom and Dad’s fence was being crushed and a whole corner of Bill’s roof had come down with the wall threatening to collapse in his daughter’s room. There was also the concern that if the tree started coming down all the way it would take out Mom’s classroom wall! Stressful! I hung out at their house for awhile watching TV and waiting but the guys still hadn’t shown up by the time Mom took me home after 10. I knew it would still be awhile before Zach got home so I read a little and called it a night!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, nectarine
  • Lunch – salad, casserole
  • Supper – zucchini sticks, 1/2 hot dog, 1/4 ribbon fries, soda

When I woke up Sunday morning I felt like I’d had a really good night’s sleep and was awake and ready to go well before church. Because of this I decided to run to the store right then so I wouldn’t have to do it later in the day. Shopping early on a Sunday morning is a great idea! There were no lines, no people to contend with, clear aisles – it was great! Plus so nice to have my shopping for us out of the way.

It was also nice to get to sit with my husband in church. For once neither of us were working sound booth or teaching and it’s the little things like that that are happy. It was a special service because 6 people were getting baptized afterwards which was awesome!! We may have gotten out like 25 minutes later than usual but nothing is as important as gaining new family members in God. 🙂 We rushed through Aldi to get kid’s groceries and then made a quick lunch at home. Zach grilled spicy turkey hot dogs and I ate one with all the condiments and no bun (pretty much the best way to have one!). This brief lunch was really the last bit of time we had together the whoooole rest of the day.

Mom and I went to Ron and Vicki’s pool to soak up the sunny day considering it was the first one in like weeks and poor Zach had to spend the whole entire day working hard on a rental property. As much as I would have liked to lay in the sun all day, I was conservative because after last month’s bout with sun poisoning I do NOT want to go through that again. Back at home I worked a puzzle that was a huge picture of an “italian feast” (how appropriate for me) and alternated that with preparing the night’s dinner. It was a repeat from long ago called Fire Island Ziti courtesy of Taste of Home. This was a big hit in the past and that’s what I was hoping for again. Initial prep was mincing garlic, chopping up broccoli, chopping roma tomatoes (couldn’t find plum) and tossing them in olive oil + garlic and roasting the tomatoes in the oven.


Next I was simultaneously cooking whole wheat penne (because I couldn’t find whole grain ziti!) at the same time I was browning italian sausage (was super bummed I couldn’t find any turkey sausage at any grocery, Whole Foods come to Muncie!).


Broccoli was thrown in the boiling water with the pasta for the last few minutes of cooking which was a great way to quickly soften raw broccoli!


Stirred the pasta + broccoli with the sausage + tomatoes + red pepper flakes and topped it off with grated pecorino romano.


Did this measure up to my expectations? Yep! It may have been several years but I remembered why I loved it.

IMG_1657 IMG_1658


The right balance of heat and flavor and the tomatoes are really excellent after being roasted with EVOO and garlic! Zach got home right after this was ready but no sitting down and eating for him, he showed up with his dad and they set right to work in the nursery. His dad has experience laying wood laminate and they worked hard all evening. I squeezed in a 2 mile walk in my neighborhood in 38 minutes with a book. Is it just me or is my walking time getting a little slower? Haha to be expected I suppose. Then I got some cake from Concannon’s and before I knew it I was going to sleep and the guys were still working! Granted I go to sleep at like 9:15. 😉 So I didn’t get to see my husband much at all but they made loads of progress and apparently they both enjoyed the pasta lots. Zach also enjoyed the half slice of cake I didn’t eat. 🙂

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, coffee cake (yes, still)
  • Lunch – salad, bunless turkey dog
  • Supper – pasta, 1/2 pc. cake

Back to work, back to rain. What is up summer?! Poor kids don’t like being indoors all day like it’s winter. Poor Jordan doesn’t care for it either! But life goes on. The gazelle-doing, breakfast-eating, kid-watching life. While we still have coffee cake left (we’ve been eating it in small pieces), I needed a break after I think 7 straight days (HA) and made some oatmeal. Cleaned all day long for Bible study and was going to work on making dinner when I realized I’d somehow managed to miss buying a KEY ingredient for that night’s dinner. My other meal for the week couldn’t be made for that night because it involved too much last-minute hands on. On Bible study nights I need something I can mostly make ahead of time and fix quickly after. So I decided to just pick something up instead. I did however make a special chocolate pot de creme dessert for my grandma though that I’d been meaning to make for some time as a thank-you for a fixing my leather jacket back in the spring!

I managed to get in a 28 minute walk around the neighborhood before people showed up thanks to some sunshine and a break in that tedious rain! Bible study was great (Zach and I covered Isaiah chapter 24 for the group) but with each couple doing a long chapter + some discussions, it ran quite long and I didn’t go to pick up dinner until 8pm. I was solo because Zach and his dad were finishing the nursery floor and I ran by grandma’s to drop off her dessert and then caved in and got some Fazolis. Don’t let the pregnant lady who hasn’t eaten since 12:30 pick up dinner at almost 9 at night, haha. Again I ate alone while my hard-working man ate bites of his pasta in between making progress for our little girl. So grateful for him (and his dad on this particular project) and all he is willing to do even after he’s already put in a long, hard day of work! When I went to bed it was again to the sounds of boards being cut and tapped into place…

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – blueberry oatmeal 
  • Lunch – broccoli + cauliflower w/cheese, grapes
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks, alfredo

352.5 miles.


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