29 Jun

Okay- this is finally the last post from LAST weekend. Good grief. So Sunday morning we woke up to it being our SEVEN year wedding anniversary! Obviously since we were heading home we didn’t have any grandiose plans but we counted the whole weekend as an anniversary weekend. We packed up our room before enjoying a continental breakfast in our hotel’s restaurant.

IMG_1625 IMG_1626


While it was still your typical hotel breakfast (despite being set up in a restaurant), at least it was free! Then we boarded our ferry back to the mainland and as it was gray and chilly we sat below deck indoors this time. 🙂


A good day to be driving all day instead of having adventures! We picked up our car from overnight parking and hit the road to head out of Michigan. Much like on Friday when we left behind clouds and found sunshine, the same happened on this day. By the time we got into Indiana it was warm and only partly cloudy. I dozed for a short bit before Zach stopped us for lunch right after crossing into our home state. He had found a homestyle family restaurant that actually gets good reviews and we were so hungry at this point we were ready to eat anything! My meal was a roasted turkey club on whole wheat with coleslaw and onion rings-


It was delicious but I got full very fast! Zach ate more of my onion rings than I did and I boxed up the rest along with the sandwich (which I actually ate for lunch one of the days last week). This place is known for their homemade pie though and we couldn’t pass that up, especially not on our anniversary. 😉 They had soooo many flavors it was hard to decide but we finally went with strawberry-rhubarb and that was an excellent choice!


Although I imagine they would all be excellent choices. Then, though I shouldn’t feel surprised at this point I suppose, I was completely surprised when Zach produced a sweet card and a gift. Here is my present of earrings and a souvenir penny:


Now I want you to understand just how creative and thoughtful of a man I have married. Every year he has looked at what the customary gift is for how many years we have been married and chooses either the traditional material or the new version (in the past it’s been wood, pearls, candy, paper, etc.) and somehow turns it into a sweet gift. Apparently for 7 years the traditional material is copper. Now I wouldn’t have even been able to come up with how copper could make a nice anniversary present but before we even went to the island Zach researched whether any of the gift stores had copper earrings and then he went out while I was packing that morning (I thought he was checking on breakfast) and ran and got the earrings and then the Mackinac Island penny (more copper) to boot and kept it all a secret from me. Adorable!! Not to mention I genuinely love the earrings haha.

When we got close to home I sneakily sent him a text that announced his special “Father’s-versary” was about to begin. Because not only was this our wedding anniversary, but it was Father’s Day as well! Zach’s first Father’s Day as a daddy-to-be. 🙂 He already does so much for this little baby that he definitely deserves to be celebrated. So once we got back to Muncie we first went to Once Upon a Child where they were having a Father’s Day sale. I gave him some money to pick out any outfits for Izzy that were specifically from him alone- no input from me whatsoever.


He took this very seriously! Haha it was so cute watching him pick out multiple outfits and hang them up and compare them until he finally chose 3 that he was the most pleased with. They were all precious and I wasn’t surprised (even though he was worried) because he’s always had great taste in buying me clothes. Next we went to Mom and Dad’s to hang out on their back porch and play Zach’s favorite card game.


Even though it wasn’t a dressy occasion, tradition lives on and I wore my wedding earrings:


I have worn these every single year ON our anniversary regardless of where we were or what we were doing. It’s a fun little thing to do. 🙂 I had a nice glass of sparkling water and what else would my husband get for Father’s-versary other than one of his favorite beers?!


Next up was dinner and if you know Zach, you know where Zach wanted to eat. Of course I didn’t even ask him, I just told him where to go next because I was 100% sure of my dinner choice. Puerto of course! I swear he could live on their chips and cheese dip… We spent the rest of the evening back at our house having a nice time together celebrating what was left of our special day. And that caps off our baby-moon trip, anniversary and Father’s Day all wrapped up together!

Sunday’s Food Journal: (as in two Sundays ago, not yesterday)

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/granola, 1/2 pc. lemony bread, small waffle
  • Lunch – 1/2 coleslaw, 1/2 ww sandwich, 1/4 onion rings, 1/2 pc. pie
  • Supper – chips and queso w/salsa, enchilada

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