27 Jun

Okay, one more updating post about the week and then I’ll finally finish up last weekend’s trip with a belated Father’s Day post.

I go back and forth from the trip ones which are picture overload to these daily ones with almost no pictures at all! Especially when I have no meals to make for the week because of events/eating leftovers/not hitting the grocery. So Wednesday was actually a nice day with no rain which is not our norm right now sadly. Gazelle in the morning, leftovers from Sunday’s lunch (which I haven’t even blogged yet) in the afternoon and then lots of outdoor recess time. Right after work Zach and I went and met family at Pizza King. My cousin Carrie who lives in Texas was up visiting with her son who we met for the first time; and he’s 8! Mom and Dad, Zach and I, Carrie and her son Austin and Aunt Cindy and Uncle Kip all shared breadsticks and several of our favorite pizzas. It was all tasty. We talked and visited for an hour or so before they had to run off and we came home to work on mixing up the paint for the nursery. We of course made things harder on ourselves because the color we decided on was actually a combination of 2 other colors that were close-but-not-close-enough. There’s always work to be done…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, coffee cake
  • Lunch – 1/4 ww turkey sandwich, 
  • Supper – 1 1/2 breadsticks, 5 pcs. Pizza King, small ice cream

Back to rain and storms on Thursday. Didn’t change the workday much except that we didn’t get to be outside. Also I had a very small class, summer always throws the typical schedule of kids off with people traveling and taking random days here and there. Other than that it was gazelle and work as usual! I was unsure how the weather would turn out for the poolside bridal shower I was attending after I got off and while storm clouds threatened at the beginning, the rain held off the whole time and we actually got some sun and blue skies. My friend Hillary’s younger sister Haley gets married in just a few weeks and it was nice to go celebrate with her and see some people I hadn’t seen in quite some time!


I also got to eat yummy shower food. 🙂 I should have taken a picture because the set-up was adorable, especially these jars of colored water that had lemons in them and flowers…which doesn’t sound all that special but it looked great! We watched Haley open gifts, I talked lots of baby talk with people (still getting the “You’re HOW far along? No way.”) and came home to be with Zach in the hour left before bed. That hour was put to good use watching House. 🙂

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast- nectarine, coffee cake (yes, it’s an obsession)
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – apple w/toppings, mini chicken salad sandwich, mini fruit pizza, tiny pinwheel wrap

Come Friday I was more than ready for it to be the last workday of the week. It hadn’t been a difficult one or anything but I just hadn’t felt like there had been much downtime! Although the weekend was promising to be fairly busy working on Izzy’s room… What to say that I haven’t already said about each day? Haha It rained, I did the gazelle, I ate coffee cake, I had a smaller group, etc. etc.

I have to say, while I have still been doing my lunges and squats and all those at-home things off my exercise list, this rain has NOT been conducive to outdoor cardio! I haven’t done great at walking (let alone running) this week at all. Planning to remedy that this next week… I got off work a little early which was wonderful and I watched while Zach got 3 of the walls in the nursery painted!! It was exciting to make more progress. 🙂 The fourth wall is going to be a wood wall made from reclaimed wood that will be quite the project but hopefully turn out awesome. We celebrated finally picking a gray and sticking with it by getting Qdoba to go and eating it with House, haha.

Then we worked a puzzle while watching the US women’s team beat China to make it into the semi-finals of the World Cup! At the end of the game, when I was already debating going to bed, I got a call from Mom that the neighbor’s tree had fallen onto their house. We’d been having massive amounts of rain, I’m talking torrential downpour, and apparently part of the tree had fallen that morning onto Bill (the neighbor’s) house and around 9pm the rest of it fell on both his and Mom and Dad’s. Zach and I immediately went over there to check out the damage and we couldn’t even drive down some of the roads because they were SO flooded that the water would have literally reached up to our windows. Insane. The damage was pretty bad- it had went through the roof into the attic above Mom’s classroom, taken out part of the gutter and the worst part, completely destroyed all of their back porch’s awning.

IMG_0409 IMG_0413 IMG_0417

My parent’s house has always had such a nice, huge back porch that was completely covered with an enormous awning. Not anymore… I stayed inside with Mom while Zach was on the roof, in the rain, with Dad cutting away at the part of the tree that was into the house. Absolute disaster. We finally got back home a little after 11 and I conked out immediately!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana, coffee cake
  • Lunch – broccoli w/cheese, nectarine (can you tell that Zach bought a whole bag of nectarines that I’m trying to use up?!)
  • Supper – nachos

347.5 miles


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