24 Jun

It may have just been a weekend trip, but waking up Monday morning was HARD. I was pretty tired and knew I had an extra-busy day ahead of me. Mondays are always more hectic with catching up from the weekend and cleaning for Bible study but add on top of that needing to catch up on sleep and unpack from the weekend and more-than-usual cleaning today and it was a full day! I didn’t even get my gazelle time in.

Zach was out getting the kid’s groceries in the morning when he calls me and says, “Hey, I need to know if we have certain ingredients, I’m going to make that coffee cake again.” (Remember the cinnamon roll coffee cake from early pregnancy that was one of the only things I ate for breakfast along with fruit?) And he proceeded to come home and make the entire coffee cake completely of his own volition because he “knew I was tired and thought it might make me happy.” Love his thoughtfulness! He was right, it DID make me happy; I’d practically forgotten about it!

The day blurred on, I had an interesting lunch basically comprised of some of the easiest things I could grab since I was dragging. A warm and non-rainy afternoon but still too wet to take the kids out. After work I showered, ate leftovers and Zach and I quickly crammed in our chapter that we were responsible for for Bible study. Talk about last minute! Between all the couples we covered several chapters of Isaiah and I did my best to make myself pay attention and soak in information. I was flagging though. All I had left in me after was enough for us to run to Lowes and buy paint for the baby’s room and then eat ice cream while watching the US women’s team win their first elimination World Cup game. Then it was LIGHTS OUT.

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake
  • Lunch – nectarine, 2 onion rings, yogurt
  • Supper – pasta, small ice cream

Tuesday was much easier on the waking up front. Definitely had enough energy and time to get my gazelle in! Fueled all the while with thoughts of my coffee cake breakfast waiting on me… 😉 I basically only worked the first half of the day before Vicki came to relieve me for a doctor’s visit. They come every 2 weeks now which I LOVE! I’ll write on the visit in more detail in a Bean post as it was my glucose test visit. Isabelle is still doing well though! My appointment was longer than usual since I had to wait an hour in the lab after my usual check-up so we didn’t get back home until I only had about an hour left in the workday. Thankfully the last hour was just sitting outside with kids at recess because I was pretty wiped out and light-headed after the blood draws (again, more on that later).

Zach and I had no solid plans for Tuesday evening but unfortunately we both had enough to keep us busy that we didn’t really get to spend any time together. :/ He was hard at work breaking down pallets to build the wood wall for Izzy’s room and then working over at a property that is taking ALL his extra time right now. I made myself go for a 33 minute walk on the Greenway even though I just wanted to lay down and nap. Talking to Kori on the phone the whole time was big pick-me-up though! After that I had to run to Target to get a bridal shower gift for a friend followed by a trip to Mom and Dad’s. They both took a vacation week this week and have gotten SO much work done in their nursery! It’s my old room but it looks completely different now. They took down the lovely butterfly border that I’d had in there and painted the walls a very pale peach which is beautiful. They bought and put together a white crib and Mom hung mosquito netting from the ceiling around it which we had hanging over the cake at our wedding and it looks SOOO adorable!!!! She’s also got lots of wood decorations that were in my nursery that are still as classic as ever that look great in there. Can’t wait to put baby girl in there sometimes (especially since that will mean a date for Daddy and me!) ;).

I picked up Fazolis for dinner and ate with Mom and the Bachelorette since both of our husbands were busy. Finally at the end of the night for about 20 minutes I got to be with my love. We just cuddled, talked and read Izzy a story before I needed to get to sleep and Zach was going back to work on taking apart the pallets. It’s a big job!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – coffee cake, nectarine
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 2 1/2 breadsticks, baked alfredo

343 miles.


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