20 Jun

*It’s trip time folks!!*

I was a little tired when I got up on Thursday but it didn’t faze me too much since I knew it was my last day of work for the week! Did my gazelle and decided on a bowl of greek yogurt with strawberries for breakfast only to discover the greek yogurt was almost totally wiped out. Since there was enough to eat (about 5 bites worth) but not enough to make a meal, I took half a whole wheat bun and put PB and honey on it to complete everything.

It was a busy workday both with the kids and getting things ready to be gone tomorrow. It’s a lot of work to have a sub come for you for a full day because you have to have their schedule and instructions written out, have lessons for the day, get out all the food and utensils and such they need for all the meals, etc. etc. When I got off work I went right out into the neighborhood for a 30 minute walk (1.5 miles) before I could change my mind. Straight from the walk into the shower then dried my hair and then threw dinner together. Luckily it was not a difficult one!

I was making Cacio e Pepe from a Self magazine. It sounds fancy, it tastes fancy, it’s surprisingly low-cal for a pasta AND it’s not hard. So make some. 🙂 All I did in the way of prep was crush whole black peppercorns, grate pecorino romano cheese and had Zach chop parsley. Then all there was to do was cook my egg noodles, reserve some of the cooking water when they were drained and make my sauce. To create the sauce I first melted butter in a pan with the crushed peppercorns until bubbly. Added the reserved cooking water and brought to a simmer then added some of the pecorino romano and whisked until smooth. Tossed this with the egg noodles until they were coated and all that was left was to stir in parsley! Serve up and top with a little extra cheese.


I made a side of asparagus to go with this. It had been quite awhile since I’d made some asparagus and it’s one of Zach’s favorite vegetables so he was happy. 🙂


And we were BOTH happy with the pasta! It was on the edge of pretty spicy but was sooo delicious.


Zach had two huge portions and in my mind I wanted to but really I could only manage one since I get so full so fast these days! We ate with Dr. House.


It would have been nice to laze around and relax after we ate but we had more to do. Some cleaning, some printing stuff off for our weekend and whole lot of packing. It went on right up until bedtime and then I fell into bed exhausted but ready for a weekend away!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – small yogurt w/straw., 1 pc. ww PB bread
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – asparagus, pasta

338 miles.


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