17 Jun

Things have been busy around here lately! I thought I would update my to-do list with progress we’ve made and of course with more things added to it. Since for every completed task it seems like two new ones pop up… New things are added in bold.

  • Hire a doula (Got that one taken care of pretty quickly, can’t wait for our next meeting!)
  • Hire maternity photographer (Also got that one done right out of the gate)
  • Hire newborn photographer
  • Figure out who will take birth photos (My doula does this, double check!)
  • Finish researching products to register for/finish registry list 
  • Register (This was a big job but it’s done! We registered at Target and a lot of our stuff seems to be online so I’m hoping if I have people include our registry web address on shower invites that people will find it convenient to order offline!)
  • Sign up for all childbirth classes
  • Take child birthing 101 class
  • Take breastfeeding class
  • Take care of newborn class
  • Zach attends daddy bootcamp class
  • Find a pediatrician (I really need to start research on this one like TODAY!)
  • Clean out guest room to make into nursery
  • Turn office into guest room
  • Make nursery
    • tear up carpet
    • lay new flooring
    • paint walls
    • paint trim
    • take down closet doors
    • paint closet
    • put up closet curtains
    • black-out blinds
    • create wood wall
      • get pallets
      • paint wood
      • put up on wall
    • light fixture
    • build dresser
    • build crib
    • get and build closet organizer
    • paint door
    • get decorative “I”
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Exercise (this one is on-going through the whole pregnancy but it’s a real task so it deserves to be on the list!)
  • Create birth plan (There are two things I need to revise on it but otherwise this is done- post on this to come soon!)
  • Have maternity shoot
  • Buy big nursery furniture (Family had already bought our crib and glider and we ordered our dresser with changing top which arrived quickly)
  • Buy yoomi bottles (we’re getting bottles from a specific site, not registering, so it needs to be a purchase we
  • make instead of depending on others)
  • GO ON BABYMOON (It’s looking like June 19-21 right now This is coming up in two days!!)
  • Read books (ongoing process- read “What to Expect”, “The Pregnancy Bible” and “Exercising Through Your
  • Pregnancy” so far. Reading – Ina May’s “Guide to Childbirth” right now. Up next – “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” or other breastfeeding book)
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Doula meeting #1
  • Doula meeting #2
  • Buy more baby clothes (because this is one of the most fun parts!!)
  • Have baby showers
  • Install car seat/have it inspected by fire dept.
  • Get cloth diapers
  • Make cloth wipes

And I am sure there is plenty more that I will think of/will crop up in the next 98 (give or take) days! EEE!


One Response to “TO DO LIST: UPDATED”

  1. Sarah June 19, 2015 at 2:51 pm #

    Double like on the cloth wipes! You go momma!

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