16 Jun

Thank goodness that I didn’t have to be up at a set time on Saturday morning because Friday night wasn’t great. I did sleep and wasn’t struggling with insomnia, I was just waking up constantly! My stomach just bothered me all night and when I got up around 8:30 I still felt so weirdly stuffed from dinner the night before. Not used to this kind of thing at all! I made myself eat an apple with peanut butter for some fuel but it was honestly like sawdust. Besides a lot of discomfort in my abs region (which I later discerned to be growing pain as I’m pretty sure my muscles are trying to come apart to make more room for baby!) and general fatigue from not sleeping well several nights in a row, I felt fine so I continued on like normal. Went for a 25 minute walk in the neighborhood (walked half a mile, ran half a mile, walked half a mile) before yoga. I knew yoga might be a little uncomfortable but would ultimately be really good and I was right, it helped stretch things out a lot.

No room for relaxing after yoga, I had to run home and change and go pick up Mom for running around to open houses. First we had our pastor’s daughter’s out at our church then we added Grandma to our group and went out to my cousin’s in Albany. When you look at my lunch it might look like a lot of food because of the variety but actually I literally only ate bites of each thing and it was only equal to two small round plates (dessert size) because I just kept getting so full after a few bites.

Zach was busy this whoooole time in a stifling hot attic working on running light for our nursery. I will do a nursery post with some pictures soon! Our house is older and has cable heating so we have no overhead lighting in any rooms but kitchen and dining room. Well I really wanted to be able to put a light fixture in the middle of her room for better lighting and multiple other reasons so he set to work on the big job of cutting off the cable heating and cutting holes in the ceiling and running wiring and lots of other electrical stuff that I know nothing about but he is so amazing at. Oh yeah, and he also got the closet painting finished. 🙂

When I got back home I planned a menu for the week and then spent a good long while cleaning insulation off half of the clothes in my closet. Haha when Zach opened the crawlspace that is above our bedroom closet for easier access, it dumped a ton of insulation everywhere. Glad I wasn’t home when that happened as I know that had to make him super frustrated for awhile! Luckily he was in good spirits after all was said and done, especially once he got the light up. It’s never been so bright in that back room before!

Zach was really hungry by this point and I was really, really not. Luckily we had leftovers he could have. We went for a drive a little later and I got a small root beer float because it was the only thing in the entire world that seemed like I could handle it but even with that I only had a few drinks and couldn’t do it. I felt okay but the idea of eating anything sounded impossible and I was sure it would make me sick. I did NOT enjoy being robbed of my appetite like this and feeling so full when I’d really not had much to eat at all that day! Zach’s parents are out of town so we used their jacuzzi tub and the warm water helped my sore muscles relax some. They’d been working hard the past couple of days at loosening up, that baby needs more room in there! We watched some House and went to bed early as we were both worn out for different reasons and I just prayed I’d sleep well and have more of an appetite the next day!

Saturday’s Food Journal

  • Breakfast – apple w/PB
  • Lunch – bites of – pork, coleslaw, macaroni, chips + crackers and dip, meatball, 1/2 cupcake, 1 pc. cake
  • Supper – 1/2 a small root beer float (yes, I am aware that is not supper)

While a slice of toast with jam isn’t much for breakfast and I was full immediately after eating it, at least it was something and I woke up feeling like eating! Zach was already gone at sound booth and after Hillary picked me up we went to church too. Kid’s grocery shopping and then Zach was gone for the afternoon and I made myself eat some healthy food for lunch before having a productive time of cleaning, trip planning (4 more days!) and grocery shopping for us. Then come 3:45 I was picking up Dad to take him to the movie theater for an early Father’s Day – seeing Jurassic World in 3D! Zach met us at the theater and we loaded up with Dad’s favorites – M&M’s and popcorn (had a little of the popcorn but ate a good amount of M&M’s!). I was prepared for the graphics to be amazing and the acting to be poor but it actually surprised me a little. It wasn’t “absolutely fantastic” or anything but Chris Pratt did a far better job than I expected and we really enjoyed the whole movie. Loved the bits of “Jurassic Park” nostalgia thrown in. Plus the dinosaurs and graphics in 3D were of course out of this world. 🙂 Dad had never seen a 3D movie quite like that before which was fun. It’s so crazy that the original came out 20 years ago…that really dates me as I remember the release and how I wasn’t allowed to watch it haha.


We were supposed to go our separate ways after the movie but because Dad can’t help himself he had Zach and I come over to eat Pizza King with him and Mom. I insisted that we didn’t need to and he wasn’t supposed to buy us dinner after we were paying for stuff for him but you can’t really tell a Dad no. 😉 I wasn’t all that hungry and ate far less than I usually would when having Pizza King but overall I was actually pleased with my appetite as it was much better than the previous day! Tried to go to Lowes after to get some more paint samples but it was too late so we came home and went for a little 25 minute neighborhood walk instead. Talked until bedtime and got to sleep ready for our upcoming vacation weekend!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice toast w/jam
  • Lunch – salad, 1/2 cup of soup
  • Supper – a little popcorn + M&M’s, 1 breadstick, 3 pcs. Pizza King

327.5 miles. 20 running miles.


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