10 Jun

After a longish stretch after our visit with maternal fetal medicine, I finally had another appointment on Monday, June 8th. It was just a standard one where they weighed me (EXACT same weight as 4 weeks ago, haha), took my blood pressure, had me give a urine sample, measured my stomach and checked heartbeat. My doctor expressed a lot of happiness that our visit for the level II ultrasound had gone so well and that our baby was just fine. Of course I agreed! This appointment was slightly different with my husband out in the waiting room because Christine went into the room with me! She happened to be visiting during this time and especially since she lives far away and barely gets to be a part of my pregnancy at all, it was so fun to have her come in and get to experience everything with me.

The doctor found the heartbeat immediately and it was good and strong in the 140’s. Good girl. 🙂 She said something was measuring 25 centimeters but I didn’t catch exactly what that was. My uterus perhaps or fundal height? Regardless she said it was great and that it doesn’t matter right now if my weight hasn’t really changed as long as baby is still growing which she apparently is! Still have yet to reach the weight I was at at my first prenatal visit and that was 5 1/2 months ago!! Things are going to start flying because from now on my visits come every two weeks which I find very exciting. I like any chance to get an update on our baby and hear her heartbeat whenever possible. Next visit is the super-exciting *sarcasm* glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. Not too thrilled for that one but everything is one step closer to D-day. 🙂

Another big, baby check-off was my second meeting with our doula, Jenn on Saturday, June 6th. We’d had our first meet-up back in February? Early March? when I met her at Starbuck’s just to talk shop and decide if we worked for each other. Since that meeting (which went beyond well), I had sent off a deposit and paperwork that made hiring Jenn official and she sent me resources and articles to review. Suddenly here we were at our next visit which at one time seemed so far away. This time she came to our house and met Zach and he was part of the baby talk too! The whole agenda this time was to go over creation of a birth plan. She covered soooo many different aspects of what our options are and helped us be aware of things we didn’t necessarily have to do and what things were good vs. unnecessary. We spent a lot of time discussing the atmosphere for labor and various birthing tools and things that I could have available to me based on preference. Almost two hours later we parted with an appointment set up for a month and a half out at which time we’ll practice some birthing positions, talk in depth about nursing and go over more stuff. Now I’ve got to get on writing out my birth plan and I’ll make that it’s own separate post when it’s done!


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