4 Jun

We are officially immersed in June now. Although the next few days should be the first ones that feel like it; it was chilly earlier in the week! Back on Monday I was dragging. I think it was just the general getting back into the routine of things after the crazy week before. Routine was exactly what it was too – gazelle, typical day with kids, last of the funeral leftovers for lunch, had to stay inside for recess due to weather, clean for Bible study and no post-work work-out because I was drained. I had a bowl of grapes and thankfully that seemed to perk up my blood sugar and give me some energy for Bible study! Good thing because each set of couples were in charge of presenting a chapter of Isaiah and Zach and I did chapter 11. I both liked this method and didn’t. I loved it for the aspect that we got very familiar with our chapter and worked at understanding and interpreting everything down to the word which was really cool. On the other hand though I feel like I didn’t get a great understanding of the other chapters since other people were in charge of researching them and we didn’t spend much time on any one chapter. I suppose I need to go back and read those others on my own to make sure I have the big picture! Once everyone went home Zach scavenged up some leftovers and I made myself a bowl of whole wheat penne with marinara sauce, just didn’t feel like putting in the effort to do anything more in depth! Dinner + House and I finally got a chance to relax for the first time it seemed all day. Of course that was only in the 45 minutes before bedtime but still… 😉

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 sl. tst w/PB, strawberries
  • Lunch – stuffing, mac and cheese
  • Supper – grapes, ww pasta

I had a pretty active little baby on Tuesday. 🙂 Looking forward to those kicks getting strong enough to feel from the outside or see! We had another day that looked much like Monday except I fixed a lunch instead of leftovers and we got to go outside in the afternoon and I didn’t have to clean. So I guess it only half-way looked like Monday… I was still a little tired but not as much as the day before though I developed a headache that stuck with me throughout the afternoon and night. Our typical Wednesday dinner at Mom’s was moved to Tuesday this week and I went over there right after work to ride the bike. I know I’ve gotten better on the bike because even with being a little worn down I still rode it at a heavier level and faster speed than just a few weeks ago.

I finally began this season of the Bachelorette, which started off strange with that whole “2 girls” concept thing. Dad had work for the evening but Mom fixed Zach and I a yummy dinner off the grill! I got a little more show watching done before Zach and I went to work on more nursery projects. The office was straightened a little more then got some paint samples picked up and both wall and closet space in baby’s room slightly painted to choose our colors! Netflix for the win to round out another night.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/banana
  • Lunch – salad, spoonful of PB w/mini choc chips
  • Supper – veggies, potatoes, chicken sausage, ice cream

Finally got a dinner cooked again on Wednesday! Here was the day-

  • gazelle
  • make a good breakfast wrap with whole wheat tortillas
  • work
  • make marinade for dinner at nap-time and make cucumber salad
  • read outside while the kids play- best part of the workday (even better than nap-time in my opinion!)
  • go run a little over half a mile and then walk the rest back home for 18 minutes total
  • fix dinner quickly
  • eat with Zach
  • meet with someone to discuss life insurance
  • go get more paint from Lowes
  • get the biggest piece of cheesecake from Concannon’s ever (even bigger than the last time I said that, it was HUGE! I made Zach eat over half of it! They must really feel generous with pregnant ladies…I always make sure to hold my small bump when I go in there because otherwise I’d probably just look like an overweight person seeking out more junk haha!)
  • watch House because we are obsessed

My Broiled Miso Salmon with Spago Cucumber Salad came from a Shape magazine. The recipe I linked up to is basically the same thing except it has sesame oil and mine did not. During nap-time I made a marinade for my salmon from miring, brown sugar, soy sauce (Tamari), garlic, ginger and…mayonnaise. That was supposed to say white miso paste but it was not at a single grocery store in Muncie! I couldn’t find an appropriate substitute at all so I crossed my fingers, winged it and went with light mayo (it turned out to be a great choice!!). Poured this all over my salmon filets and let them marinate in the refrigerator for the rest of the day.


The spago cucumber salad involved thinly slicing cucumber and then mixing it with kosher salt, rice vinegar, sugar and sesame seeds.


That too sat in the fridge all day. Pretty easy! Then all I had to do was broil the salmon under high heat for a few minutes per side and voila!


The cucumber salad was fine, nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn’t have to make it again.


The fish on the other hand, was awesome!! Mayo and all. 😉 The flavors in the marinade were wonderful and Zach was literally drinking up the juices off his plate haha!


I don’t fix salmon very often, and it’s unfortunately not cheap, but it is so. good. And good for you! We both agreed this was a “restaurant-like” fish recipe and it was easy to boot. Totally worth making again.

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – kiwi, PB & honey ww wrap
  • Lunch – juice (avocado, cucumber, strawberries, romaine, ?)
  • Supper – fish, cucumber salad, 1/2 piece of cheesecake

302 miles.


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