3 Jun

At 24 weeks today, my little girl has hit “garden eggplant” status. 🙂 This is after transitioning from that beligan endive back at my last update on week 20 to bok choy, corn on the cob and a bunch of grapes. She’s approximately anywhere from a pound and a half to two pounds and around a foot long from crown to heel give or take.

My precious girl is determined that I experience any and all pregnancy symptoms apparently as I’ve added two new fun little side effects to my growing list- see bold items. Not including having experienced the more “minor” things like nausea, vomiting, headaches, leg cramps, fatigue and the like. 😉

  • Stomach flu
  • Fever
  • Hives
  • Double pink eye
  • Sinus infection
  • Sun rashes
  • Cold sores
  • Possible UTI Doctor ruled this one out when I was finally tested but I do think I had the beginnings of one and flushed it out
  • Sun poisoning
  • Hemorrhoids

You probably read about the pretty awful sun poisoning around my mouth that occurred. Thankfully that’s pretty much healed up and gone now. Just in time for the latest and greatest – hemorrhoids! Yet another thing I’ve never had before in my life to learn about and experience now. At least they aren’t currently painful…just itchy. (Too much? Too bad. I need an outlet for all this body mania!!) I told Zach funnily enough that even though they weren’t exactly my idea of a good time, compared to some of the other more awful things I’ve had, these really aren’t too bad! HA! Do I hate being pregnant? Honestly, not at all. But am I glad we’re just doing this once? Honestly, YES.

Isabelle kicks off and on allll day long now but I’ve only had her kick hard enough that it felt like I could pick it up from the outside just a couple times. Unfortunately none of those times with Zach so that he could feel too. Her movements are both stronger and more frequent though so I imagine it’s coming… It’s crazy to me because for the typical 24 week pregnant woman she gets belly ripples and quite strong kicks and punches you can feel from the outside but with my anterior placenta it’s still so subtle! She’s most active (or I notice it most) when I am sitting, especially in the car or on my ball during the day when I get on the computer. I only catch it when I’m standing just occasionally and almost never when I lay down to go to sleep even though that’s when most people say their baby is most active. It doesn’t mean she ISN’T super active at that time, it can just meant that when I lay on my side my placenta covers her in such a way that I just can’t feel anything. Since people complain of sleep loss from baby’s antics I won’t bemoan not feeling movement at night. 😉

So many things that are potential symptoms for where I’m at are not things I am experiencing yet – trouble sleeping, backaches, swollen feet, etc. I think the lack of these may be due to my slow-growing size. When I take weekly progress pictures I feel like I can tell a big difference in my size as it goes on and feel legitimately pregnant. Until I google pictures of “24 weeks pregnant” or see pictures of pregnant friends. They all look so much more pregnant than me!!! STILL. I know, I know, I’ll “pop” eventually but that’s what people have been saying to me since like week 12. It’s really not that big of a deal, no stretch marks (yet), clothes all still fit, I’m not awkward or wobbly and the scale really hasn’t budged which I suppose I can all count as good things. But I just expected to look and feel waaaay more pregnant at this point than I do!

Next week I have my next doctor’s appointment and am looking forward to hearing her heartbeat again as it’s been awhile now! After that one we start having bi-monthly, every 2 week appointments. I can’t believe we are to that point already! We’ve started making some progress on the nursery and things are moving along. Approximately 16 weeks to go until we meet our sweet girl. 🙂


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