1 Jun

*This post will boringly have all words and no pictures at all thanks to my cold sored-sun poisoned mouth/face!! Thankfully, as of today, it’s almost healed up*

It takes a long time for the weekend to arrive and then what do ya know, it’s Monday again already. I think I need a week just to catch up on my sleep after the previous 8 or so days! Back on Friday amidst my usual morning of gazelle and kids and such, I was helping Zach pack non-perishable dinners in bags to take on his camping trip. By noon he was off with a group of guys not to return until Sunday. He and some friends were backpacking into the middle of the Hoosier National Forest (quite the physical feat apparently!) to set up camp for the weekend; a trip orchestrated by Zach as something he wanted to check off with the guys before the baby arrives. 🙂

I knew I would miss him lots but was thankful John and Heather were still going to be there for one more night to keep me company. Luckily Zach had unexpected cell phone reception at their site and I was able to hear from him all weekend long. The first time he called was after I was off work and out on a walk with John, Heather and Matilda. All day it had been intermittently raining and being bright and sunny. Thankfully post-work was one of those bright and sunny times and I took them for a walk by the river where we taught Matilda the difference between ducks and geese. 🙂 Dinner had been a free-for-all and I got some Fazolis to eat while we finished the rest of Boyhood. Good, good movie! It’s just the most unique concept and I can’t believe that in one film you get to watch the same person’s life progress over 12 years. Just too cool. We sat around afterwards talking and laughing and me making them fill out how many movies they’ve seen off IMDB’s top 250 list. They’re almost at as many as Zach and I and that’s without even trying! They must just be more cultured… 😉 Around 11, after hearing from Zach that his first day of camping had gone well, I hit the sack for some much needed sleep. My mouth had still bothered me all day but it was definitely healing up some and the sun poisoning was drying up as well. It’s just a loooong process to get over it!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – mango, 1 sl. toast w/PB
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 2 breadsticks, baked alfredo, 1 brownie + 1 cherry kuchen

I was pretty surprised when I didn’t wake up until almost 9am on Saturday! That doesn’t happen often these days. As soon as I opened my bedroom door I saw Matilda in the hall playing and she dropped her toys and ran over to me with a smile, arms out to be picked up. Once I had her it was all looking over my shoulder at the bedroom and asking “A gack? A gack?”. It was precious. I told her Uncle Zach was gone and she ran and got his picture off the fridge and brought it to me while pointing and him and proclaiming, “A gack!”. Melt.

John and Heather were packing everything up and even though it’s always nice to have a house back after company, I knew I’d miss them right away! Family who are friends are the best kind and it did NOT feel like they’d been there for the 5 nights that they had!! We have to all get on with real life though so they headed back to Tennessee and I went off to the grocery after making a menu. The shopping took longer than I expected and I was hightailing it after to prenatal yoga. An hour of stretching and bending and preparing our bodies for labor through a lot of good poses and movements. Pregnancy isn’t really a time when you make progress or strides in a particular workout but I do have to say, I am better at tree than I have ever been!

Mom’s house next to FINALLY finish Dancing with the Stars while eating lunch and a small sliver of their anniversary cake from Concannon’s. Friday had been my parent’s 33rd anniversary which is a monumental accomplishment in this day and age!! Between them and Zach’s parents who celebrated their 34th a little over a week before, we have some good role models for lasting relationships in our lives! When I got home from Mom’s there was no room for down-time because within minutes Hillary and her sister Haley were showing up at my door. Hillary was coming for a girl’s night/sleepover since Zach was still gone and Haley was joining us for our first activity – Tonne winery. That’s right. I went to one of my favorite places in Muncie and sat with a bottle of water while the girls shared Chambourcin. It was my idea though!! Haley had never been to a winery and Hillary wouldn’t go without me and I know she’d been wanting to so I was fine hanging out over there while they indulged. 🙂 The guys who run the place know me and my family well and they were nice and asked lots of questions and didn’t make me pay for my water so that’s something, haha.

We had a nice time visiting, even if I couldn’t partake of the delicious looking wine. Then I drove us back to my house where we used Hillary’s little gel polish and light kit that she had gotten for nails that is incredible! I DO need to take a picture of my fingers because it looks like a professional job! Perhaps I need to invest in one as well since I no longer bite my nails and they are growing so nicely…

Taking Haley home was next on the agenda but it was pouring so insanely outside that we postponed that and I showed them both the growing stash of baby stuff we’ve accumulated so far. The weather was so bad that flood alerts were sent to all of our phones! I have never had that happen before!! Thankfully where Zach was camping was not getting it as bad as we were. It did rain for them too but nothing like the flooding and torrential downpour we had here. On the way to take Haley home we had to turn the car around and take another route because one of the roads was so flooded that cars were stalled in the water!! Hillary and I went to Johnny Carino’s for dinner after that and I ordered a lunch portion of spaghetti and meatballs – a dish I had never gotten there but it sounded good for some reason. I didn’t end up liking the giant meatballs that much though so I only ate one. We had plans to get ice cream later but that never happened, I just never got hungry again!

We rented what Hillary considered a “scary movie” but what really falls into the category of suspense, The Boy Next Door. It was just all right but I swear Jennifer Lopez looks the same as she did a decade ago good grief! I did have a few kicks during that movie that I could vaguely feel from outside my stomach!! Izzy is getting stronger!! Hillary wanted to feel but nobody gets to feel her kick before her daddy! Hillary insisted we watch How I Met Your Mother afterwards for some comic relief after the “scariness”. 🙂 It probably didn’t help that after we went to bed and then got back up to get her some medicine the TV was on in the living room and shut off right when we walked in. It wasn’t playing anything, it’s just on a timer that shuts it down and it JUST HAPPENED to shut off at the perfect moment. She was pretty freaked out! It’s not the same sleeping with someone different in your bed but all the same I was glad to have someone there while Zach was gone.

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/blueberries
  • Lunch – salad, small slice of cake
  • Supper – bread, salad, 3/4 of small spaghetti + meatballs

It’s convenient that Hillary goes to our church now because we just woke up together, got ready and she drove me to Harvest. Our church is split into two branches but we were all meeting together for this Sunday and it was so fun! There were so many people there and it felt like a big reunion getting to see all the members we don’t usually. After a unique message preached in 3 parts by each of our ministers, we had a carry-in dinner. The plates were really quite small, just the styrofoam round ones with 3 partitions and there was SO much food. This resulted in me getting literally one bites of just about each thing I could fit on my plate because I am that person who has to try everything. I couldn’t even tell you all the different stuff I served up but I can tell you that it really wasn’t all that much food because I don’t like my foods touching so I was pretty selective about how much of what I put where. I also didn’t go back for seconds but I DID get myself a dessert plate with mini-servings of 4 different things that looked good. 🙂

I left with Mom and Dad after church so Mom and I could go Aldi shopping together. It was her second week to get her kid’s groceries and her first week back to church! Praying her feet continue healing up and getting better because that grand-baby is on her way. Once I’d gotten back home and laid down on the couch for some reading since it was a gloomy, chilly, rainy day, I finally got the chance to relax with no one in my house for the first time in a week! I wanted one other person in my house though and that person arrived soon after. 🙂 I was soooo happy to have Zach home, I missed him like crazy! So nice to just snuggle up on the couch with blankets and talk about our weekends.

Showering, getting some stuff accomplished, running out to pick up dinner (Zach chose Fazoli’s which he never chooses and I didn’t want it which never happens haha! So I got Arby’s.to eat while Zach finished Boyhood made up the rest of our night. I also had to pull a tick off Zach that came home with him from camping *shudder*. Those things are creepy! We were both beat and turned in a little early for much-needed rest and another weekend went into the books.

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – grapes
  • Lunch – 1 plate of lots of single bites, 4 small dessert samples
  • Supper – medium fries, roast beef sandwich

294.5 miles.


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