29 May

More catching up from the week. Even though we had family here we still had to work like normal of course. So Tuesday was a typical workday with gazelle and watching kids and eating food but also with some adorable Matilda time thrown in!

IMG_1055 IMG_1058

She loves Pirate Jack and of all the cats, he does the best job with her. He mostly lies there contentedly while she pets him and meows at him and brings him cans of beans…


🙂 I wasn’t hungry at all at lunch-time on this day but finally made myself eat a little something just for the sake of the baby. Where is that insatiable hunger everyone talks about?! I am sure it’s coming… I was getting hungrier by dinner though and it just happened to be ready right when I got off work!



This delicious bowl of stew was not made by me or my husband but by my wonderful cousin Heather! (And I do believe John helped some too.) We didn’t have any family plans for dinner that night and so we decided to cook our own meal and Heather was unbelievably sweet to just take over and do it for us. We chose the recipe for African Sweet Potato Stew from Vegan Planet which I made eons ago here. The only difference is that this was made with coconut milk instead of peanut butter because Matilda is allergic to peanuts (and Heather is breast feeding, hence no PB). I did still top mine with unsalted peanuts though and it was a delicious bowl of soup!! I said it the last time we had it and I’ll say it again- for a girl who doesn’t care for sweet potatoes, I really love this recipe. That makes Zach happy because we don’t have sweet potatoes nearly as often as he’d like!

John and Heather worked at putting Matilda to bed after we ate and Zach and I took the opportunity to squeeze in a half hour neighborhood walk. Then the boys had to go over to the church to help set up the gym for a family dinner we were having the next night and Heather and I got to have some girl time talking about every topic that popped into our heads and perusing through all the baby clothes I’ve bought so far. 🙂 Whenever we get to do things like this I always wish we lived closer together. It’s so nice to grow up and have a cousin be one of your closest friends!!

We trolled Netflix looking for something good to watch which is sometimes easier said than done. The Switch made it’s way onto the screen for maybe 20 minutes before we decided it wasn’t worth our time! The boys came home right around then and we ended up with an episode of House Hunters while I shared the most enormous slice of cheesecake Concannon’s has ever given me with Zach. I think the lady was sympathizing because I was pregnant!! We didn’t make it very late which was fine because we all needed sleep for the day to come.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 sl. tst. w/jam, banana w/PB
  • Lunch – apple, cheese and crackers
  • Supper – sweet potato stew, 1/2 pc. of huge cheesecake

Wednesday morning was a rush. Had to squeeze in gazelle and getting all the daycare stuff ready for the day for Vicki to take over before 9. Thankfully Zach made me some breakfast and gave me half of his awesome egg and ham and swiss and whatever else sandwich. Slightly after 9 Zach, me, John, Heather and Matilda were all ready for a full day and heading out the door for a family viewing followed by public viewing followed by funeral followed by interment followed by family meal.


You may not be able to tell in the picture but the couple of cold sores that cropped up on Tuesday were worse and multiplied and tiny bumps were starting to spread on my lips and below my mouth. It was only going to get worse. We drove out to Gardens of Memory and spent the next several hours wandering around the funeral home and talking with family. It was awfully cold in the chapel that Grandma was in and Zach and I often found ourselves out in the hall bantering with cousins or outside taking brief walks where it was warm and sunny. By 1pm though we’d all found our seats and had a nice little service officiated by a pastor who was Grandma’s nephew. Dad and Uncle Barry both spoke nice tributes and Grandpa got up and said a few words and recited a sweet poem from memory. I feel for him, to spend 66 years with the same person and have them suddenly gone would be unthinkably difficult.

All the family proceeded over to the gravesite as the first few drops of rain fell from a threatening sky. Luckily besides some strong wind it never got too bad outside. Over at our church we’d reserved the gym and had tons (I am talking way more than we could ever need) of food picked up from Bob Evans. It was close to 4 at this point and the baby and I needed some food!! I just made this a late lunch/early dinner with intentions of eating a little bite later but I never got hungry again. We ate and visited with everyone. Zach and I have gotten to see a loooot of family over the past month with the 3 funerals we’ve had! It’s not the happiest reason to get the gang together, but it’s always nice regardless. We captured the rare event with a photo.



By the time we got back home slightly after 5pm I was ready to throw my heels in the garbage! With the exception of the actual funeral service and eating, I’d made it a point to stay on my feet/moving the whole day just to stay active. Well let me tell you, there is a reason people wear more comfortable shoes to days like this. Whoops. I did take my heels off when Zach and I played some H-O-R-S-E in the gym after eating. 🙂 He was winning (but I was holding my own!) when the balls were commandeered by Matilda and Lucas (another little cousin) and I gave him the game.

What I really wanted to do at home was lay on the couch and not move for a solid day but instead (in thanks partially to Heather and John getting ready to head out the door) I laced up and we all went for a half hour walk in the neighborhood. Matilda in the Ergo Baby included! It’s nice when we have a group walk because Zach and John can traipse ahead talking and Heather and I can hang back at our carrying-a-25lb.-child and 23-weeks-pregnant speed and talk.

The boys watched Matilda afterwards while Heather and I went off in search of a movie we couldn’t find so we came home with Boyhood instead. The guys had been reading to Matilda and John got the cutest picture of Zach doing a story (need to get that from him). He is sooo good with her! And she loves her “a gack” (Uncle Zach).


I get an “a jord” out of her every once in awhile but Aunt Jordan is just more difficult. 🙂 She went down to bed and we watched the first half of the movie which is so far very good! Unfortunately by bed time my mouth was starting to feel awful and it was NOT going to make for a good night ahead…

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – small banana, 1/2 egg and ham sandwich
  • Lunch/Supper – 1/2 roll, mac and cheese, mashed pot., stuffing, turkey, green beans, 1 pc. pie, 1 pc. cake, small turtle bar

I laid down for bed around 9:45pm on Wednesday evening and didn’t fall asleep until sometime after 1am. I had miniscule bumps covering not only my lips but the whole right side of my chin, all around my mouth and above my lips some too. They were incredibly itchy + painful at the same time and despite being exhausted it was so bad that I couldn’t fall asleep. The result of this was anxiety about not sleeping which was producing restless legs and I was flopping around like a fish every couple of minutes. Poor Zach. Poor pregnant Jordan. When I did finally doze off I would only sleep in 15 minute increments and then wake up in pain and itchy and have to move around. Rough, rough night.

Come morning when I looked at my face and then talked to my mom I realized what I was dealing with. Cold sores, yes, but sun poisoning too. Cold sores can come on from sun exposure (which I had a LOT of over the weekend) and I got a small and weird bad burn right above my right eyebrow that then translated to sun poisoning later on. I had put sunscreen on before the pool but I didn’t put any around my mouth. I’ve never had sensitive skin! This pregnancy is totally changing how my skin reacts to stuff (remember hives?) and hopefully when the baby is born it will go back to normal but who knows! For now I know that I need to be careful about the sun the rest of this summer for sure. So now at this point I was treating the cold sores with Abreva and using some aloe on the rest of my bumpiness.

I still did my gazelle and made breakfast and watched the kids and tried to keep my morning normal but literally all. I. could. think. about. was my mouth. It was so itchy and unbearable and finally I had the presence of mind to remember my benadryll cream and applied that. Lifesaver. I can’t put it on my lips which meant they were still bumpy and itchy but it sure helped my face! Aside from the other normal things of the day I did a lot of cleaning because family was coming over in the evening. Post-work was a blur of showering, last-minute cleaning, re-heating food and setting up. By 7 all the family started arriving to feast on the mountains of leftovers from the day before. That’s why dinner looks a lot like Wednesday’s lunch! And let me tell you, I ate my share of macaroni and cheese + stuffing. No doubt about that… All of us “kids” (aka the cousins) sat around on the couches chatting while the “grown-ups” sat around the table rehashing the same stories from days past like always. 🙂 When the last family was finally leaving I popped some benadryll determined to get a good night’s sleep this time!


Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal w/blueberries
  • Lunch – veggie sub
  • Supper – stuffing, mac and cheese, green beans, turkey, mashed potatoes, 1 brownie, 1/2 pc. pie, banana pudding, 1 pc. cherry kuchen 

291 miles.

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